Chain Sandwich Tuna Subs Ranked Worst To Best

Unlike deli counter giants turkey and ham, tuna may not be everyone's first sandwich pick. And those who can eat fish are missing out, as tuna happens to be a good source of protein and vitamin B12. What's more, when it is done right, a tuna sub sandwich can be flat out delicious. 

Because it's not as popular as a ham, turkey, or beef sandwich, there aren't as many tuna subs offered at sandwich chains. That said, there are still a good handful of tuna sandwiches to choose from — enough to where you might find yourself caught on a hook, and stuck between two sandwich shops in order to find the best tuna sub you can get. For all the tuna lovers out there, we've put together a list of tuna subs from different fast food chains, and ranked them from worst to best. If you're ready to figure out which sandwich will best satisfy your seafood-loving palette, then let's dive right in.

10. Subway's Tuna Sub

It might come as a shock to see a Subway sandwich at the bottom of this list, as the company happens to be one of the most popular fast food sub chains in the U.S. On their list of customizable subs, you'll find tuna nestled among the other options. This Subway sub is shown to be served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and what looks like tuna.

You might be wondering why we say "what looks like tuna," as opposed to just "tuna." Well, there's been a lot of chatter over whether or not there's any tuna on the tuna sandwiches. (It feels safe to assume anyone ordering tuna sandwich would like tuna on said sandwich.) The questions surrounding what is or isn't in the Subway tuna led to a lawsuit, as well as a lab test conducted by The New York Times. (The outlet's conclusion? The meat is either too processed to identify, or it just isn't tuna.) Even if the tuna is real, the doubt that there's any actual fish on the sub makes us want to steer clear of this protein. If you happen to be at a Subway, you might want to go for one of their turkey or veggies sandwiches instead.

9. Publix's Tuna Salad Sub

When you're in a rush for work or school, grabbing a premade sandwich can help the day in a big way. While many sub shops handcraft the sandwiches when you arrive, Publix offers premade, ready-to-eat cold tuna salad subs. It can be built online as a half, whole, or wrap sandwich, and is topped with tuna salad plus a cheese of your choosing, such as provolone, muenster, or pepper jack. You also have the option to add extra toppings, like bacon and avocado, as well as your standard vegetables and condiments. Once you finish assembling your order online, you can pick the sub up at your local Publix store.

While we like a quickly made sandwich, we aren't ready to sacrifice quality for speed. The tuna salad was a little watery, and there wasn't a lot on the sandwich to get a good bite of fish. The vegetables also didn't taste the freshest. While fast food chains like McDonald's excel with quickly prepared meals, other foods need a little more time to be properly made, and Publix's tuna sub is an example of this in the fullest.

8. Jimmy John's Tuna Little John

If you are a fan of Jimmy John's, you're in luck: The fast food sandwich chain has not one, not two, but three tuna subs on the menu. And yes, all three of the Jimmy John's tuna subs are on this list. The first sandwich from Jimmy John's is the Little John #3. The Little John hoagies are smaller than Jimmy John's classic 8" sandwiches, ideal for anyone who's looking for a smaller portion. This particular Little John is a miniature version of the Totally Tuna.

All in all, this sub was not that bad. This mini tuna salad sandwich included lettuce, sliced cucumbers, and tomato, as well as Jimmy John's firm, crispy bread. It was somewhat flavorless, and could have used a bit more bread to hold the sandwich together. Other than that, this was a solid sub, and we would recommend it to anyone who wants a simple, lighter sandwich.

7. Jimmy John's Totally Tuna

Immediately following the tuna Little John, we have Jimmy John's Totally Tuna. This sub was one of the first four sandwiches the chain offered on their menu, way back when Jimmy John's first started in 1983. The star of the sub show is — you guessed it — tuna salad, and it's topped with lettuce, cucumber, and tomato and served on either 8" or 16" of French bread. 

While Jimmy John's has a rich history, we can't say the same about their tuna subs. If you're looking for a sandwich with virtually no flavor, then this sub fits that description perfectly. The tuna salad tasted like filler, and most of the vegetables, especially the cucumber, only added to the texture of the sub instead of the taste. Even if you tried to customize the Totally Tuna with more flavorful toppings, like bacon or onions, there are much better tuna sandwiches on this list, and they don't come from Jimmy John's.

6. Jersey Mike's Tuna Fish

A chain that promises to provide quality and freshness, Jersey Mike's, which was originally called Mike's Subs, started in New Jersey in 1956. As the chain has grown, more people have been able to try out their subs, and many agree that Jersey Mike's sandwiches can stand up against Subway or Firehouse Subs. Their tuna fish sandwich, however, might not be the best example of this, because while it was a better tuna sub than what we could find at Subway, it certainly doesn't hold a candle to some other chains.

Jersey Mike's tuna sub is made with fresh tuna salad that's mixed with celery, mayonnaise, and a little bit of pepper. It's also got lettuce and tomato, making it a more simple tuna sub compared to others on this list. Sometimes, simplicity in a sandwich makes for the best meal, but in this case, it left us with a pretty flavorless hoagie. The pepper in the tuna salad didn't add anything in terms of taste, and the vegetables that top the sandwich were pretty average, and nothing special can be said about them. While we preferred this sandwich over others, this will never be our go-to Jersey Mike's order.

5. Jimmy John's Club Tuna

You might be thankful (or not) to know that this is the final Jimmy John's sub on this list. The Club Tuna is a slightly different take on the Totally Tuna, though those subtle changes make all the difference for this sub.  Like the Totally Tuna, the Club Tuna's got tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce, as well as the mostly flavorless tuna salad (if not a little more of it), all on Jimmy's French bread. What really sells this sandwich, however, is the addition of the deliciously creamy sliced provolone cheese.

Out of all the tuna sandwiches you can get from Jimmy John's, the Club Tuna is by far the best one. While the other ingredients are bland, the cheese is full of flavor, and pairs wonderfully with the tuna in terms of texture. However, the cheese can't save the whole sandwich, and we'd rather have a sub that's packed with good ingredients. While we might order this the next time we go to Jimmy John's and are craving a tuna sub, this would not be our first tuna choice.

4. Quiznos' Tuna Melt

Quiznos might not be as big of a name as it once was, but they still have a solid selection of subs to pick from. You might associate Quiznos with a strange spongmonkey mascot that first appeared on television screens in 2004, screaming praises about the chain's fresh, hot baked subs. This commercial may have been off-putting, though we can assure you that Quiznos' take on a classic tuna melt is anything but that. This sub comes with a tuna salad made with tuna, a red wine vinaigrette, and mayonnaise. The sandwich is also topped with pickles, tomato slices, and melted cheese, though the graphic is also depicted with lettuce and sliced onions.

Even though Quiznos locations have begun to disappear across the country, we hope that this sub doesn't. The tuna salad was very flavorful and had a great texture. The pickles are wonderfully sour as well, and the entire sandwich was a fantastically rich experience. "I'm a sucker for a good tuna melt. I would sell my soul for a good tuna sandwich," wrote one Influenster reviewer. "Our Quiznos closed but I would travel far and wide for it." While we wish the cheddar was a bit more on the sharp side and packed more of a cheesy punch, we enjoyed this sandwich, and it's one of the better Quiznos subs you can find.

3. Which Wich's Tuna Salad

Generally, when we get to the top three of a ranking list, it's usually difficult to decide what we should go where because what we're ranking is too good to find faults with, and it's difficult to decide which is the best. With this tuna sandwich list, however, there were a lot of subs that were just "so-so," making it easy to figure what the top chain tuna subs were. While the tuna salad sub from Which Wich didn't make us want to become pescatarians, it was the first tuna sandwich that we'd actually consider getting instead of, say, a poultry-based sandwich. Without any customizations performed, this sandwich came with two layers of tuna salad and cheese, as well as some lettuce and slices of tomatoes.

This Which Wich sandwich had a more homey taste, and reminded us of a tuna salad that our grandparents would make for holiday dinners. One reviewer for this sandwich on Influenster exclaimed, "I LOVE THEIR TUNA SANDWICH! The way they toast their bread is amazing! I almost like it more than Subway!" While it was a little more pricey than what you can find elsewhere, this was still a decent sub, and we'd order this the next time we go to Which Wich. If you're looking for a solid tuna sandwich with a bit more flavor, then this sub is the one for you.

2. Potbelly's Tuna Salad

If you need a quick and easy meal, sandwiches are a great go-to food. And if you aren't making your tuna sub at home, why not get it at Potbelly? This sandwich chain is known for their warm and family friendly atmosphere and delicious menu of sub sandwiches, shakes, and cookies. You'll find a cast-iron potbelly stove at every location, as the chain tries to capture the feeling of sharing a family meal in a dining room. Fittingly, the tuna salad sandwich sold at Potbelly is definitely something you'd want to share with loved ones. 

This albacore tuna salad sub comes on Potbelly's hot and crisp bread, and is decked out with lettuce, onions, pickles, tomatoes, and Swiss cheese. The Swiss added a wonderful and mild flavor that didn't clash with any of the vegetables or tuna. The salad itself was flaky and full of tuna and mayo flavor, which was refreshing after a bunch of bland tuna subs. If you're a tuna fan who has yet to try this particular Potbelly sub, then you're missing out on a delicious lunch or dinner. Suffice to say, we highly recommend this sandwich.

1. Firehouse Subs' Tuna Salad

Founded by a pair of Florida-based firefighters in 1994, Firehouse Subs has proven to be a top competitor among sandwich chains. And their spin on a classic tuna salad sub sandwich arguably is one of the reasons why. What's more, part of Firehouse Subs' sales goes right to first responders; you're doing good while eating good.

This particular Firehouse sandwich includes a tuna salad that includes relish and black pepper mixed in with the mayonnaise and tuna. The sandwich also comes with other toppings, such as sliced cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. While most sandwich chains try to compensate for a flavorless tuna with their other toppings, the tuna salad on this sandwich was beyond amazing. A review on Tripadvisor captures our thoughts perfectly: "The tuna was freshly made, had mayo and sweet relish mixed in and was perfect." If you want a tuna sub that will satisfy your taste buds every time, this Firehouse Sub won't disappoint, and definitely deserves the top spot on this list.