Aldi's Valentine's Day Gnomes Are Turning Heads

While many fan-favorite Aldi items are available all year long, others come and go. Around holidays, especially, shoppers are excited to snag the chain's seasonal offerings, from food and drinks to home goods. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, lots of new items — as well as some familiar ones — are hitting the store's shelves. Aldi fans may already know that the chain's heart-shaped lava cakes and boxes of chocolate truffle hearts are back, but the Valentine's rollouts don't stop there.

This year, Aldi has more to offer leading up to February 14 than just food: You can also buy fresh flowers, perfume, and candles, per its website. One of the most-hyped items on this list, it turns out, is Aldi's range of decorative Valentine's Day gnomes. Conversation about the product on Instagram is suggesting that this year, customers might be forgoing the typical Valentine's Day teddy bear gift in favor of these bearded fellows.

Customers can collect six different gnomes

Since Aldi fans got wind of the chain's Valentine's Day fabric gnomes being released this week, the internet has been going wild. Aisle of Shame quickly hopped online to say that the gnomes come in six different varieties, selling for $8.99 apiece. Aldi fan account @aldifavoritefinds posted a photo of the gnomes to Instagram, advising people to search for them in stores among old Aldi Finds rather than with the new items. Shoppers who managed to find the gnomes at their local Aldi couldn't hide their excitement. One person wrote, "I got all 6!" while another person commented, "Omg, Aldi has the cutest stuff."

Instagram user @aldiallthetime also posted about the decorative gnomes, using the caption, "Happy Valentine's Day to all my gnomies." Their post noted that the gnomes come in a few different skin tones, and photos show that each has a different beard, hat, and object in its hands.