The Subway Sandwich You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The zodiac signs each have a unique set of personality traits. While your zodiac sign doesn't define you, it certainly is fun to learn what characteristics align with your sign. If you're someone who feels at one with their zodiac sign, you probably enjoy finding out as much about yourself as possible based on astrology, like who you're most compatible with and what job suits you best.

This guide to the best Subway sandwiches for each zodiac sign is a bit more on the lighthearted, fun side. Subway has an option for just about every taste and personality, and we've tracked down the very best sandwiches based on your zodiac sign's typical characteristics, likes, and dislikes. While you shouldn't feel stuck chowing down on just one type of Subway sandwich the rest of your life based on our suggestions — especially with so many delicious options — our picks might inspire you to try something new the next time you visit your local shop.

Aries: Chicken & Bacon Ranch

Aries is possibly the most competitive sign of the bunch, believing life is a game that they're bound to win. They take everything that comes their way as a new adventure that they're destined for. Although they can be a bit hot-headed and impulsive, Aries also knows exactly what they want and will do anything to get it.  

Enter Subway's Chicken & Bacon Ranch sub. Have you ever met someone who loves the chicken, ranch, and bacon combo for salads or sandwiches but chooses something else when that's an option? No? We didn't think so. This sandwich is perfect for Aries, the go-getter of the group.

Taurus: Bacon, Egg & Cheese

While not as well-known as its traditional sub offerings, Subway's breakfast menu features a few flatbread options with ingredients like eggs, steak, bacon, ham, and cheese. The Bacon, Egg & Cheese flatbread is reminiscent of a traditional, simple American breakfast.

Taurus — the sign that's strong-minded yet level-headed — loves stability and routine. They don't intend to be as stubborn as they seem, though. A Taurus really just finds comfort in sticking to what they're used to, and we all know there's no better morning routine than a yummy bacon and egg breakfast.

Gemini: Buffalo Chicken

Gemini is considered to be the life of a party, always expressive and entertaining, despite who's around them. They're also always on the move and, therefore, are adaptable to just about any situation. 

The Buffalo Chicken sub from Subway is Gemini in sandwich form. It's spicy, extroverted, and there are tons of ways to change it up for something a little different each time and still make it taste good and bold. Plus, it's available as a sub, Fresh Melt, wrap, and salad, so it's definitely not an option the fast-moving Gemini can get bored with easily.

Cancer: Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

Cancer is, perhaps, the most emotional and nurturing zodiac sign. Known for being sympathetic, understanding, and sensitive, Cancer is usually the one that's tapped into everything going on around them, including how people are feeling and the room's vibe (via MindBodyGreen).

The need for comfort and being at peace when feeling at home is why Subway's Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sub is an excellent option for Cancer. It features nourishing, protein-rich chicken breast with a deliciously sweet sauce. that's as pleasant on the taste buds as it is comforting — kind of like something Mom would make on a trip back home.

Leo: Baja Steak & Jack

Leo is known for being the stand-out of the group. Some may call the lion sign attention-seeking and fiery, but this sign just has a really big personality that's tough to stifle. Sometimes seen as stubborn, Leos tend to put everything they have into what they want, maybe even crossing the lines into a dramatic, theatrical territory to make that happen.

Therefore, the best Subway sandwich for Leo is one that stands out with just as much boldness: the Baja Steak & Jack sub. Spicy pepper jack cheese and Baja Chipotle Sauce make this sub truly one-of-a-kind with just as much flavor and zest to match Leo's vitality.

Virgo: Veggie Delite

If there's one zodiac sign that's planned and consistent, it's Virgo. The Earth sign likes staying organized and enjoys finding practical ways to get things done. Virgo often comes across as shy at first, but those around them soon learn how passionate, giving, and trustworthy they can be.

Unfortunately, Virgo's innate anxiety can sometimes cause diet problems. Leafy green veggies and other health-focused ingredients can ensure that their nutrition stays on track. Therefore, we think Subway's Veggie Delite, which is chock-full of the restaurant's healthy veggie options, is just the right match, especially on whole-grain bread.

Libra: Meatball Marinara

Libra thrives on balance, which is why the scales of justice represent the sign. Libra seeks order, peace, and communication that's designed to give people common ground in a conversation.

Although they like everything in order, Libra can still be pretty indecisive. That's why we've chosen the Subway Meatball Marinara sub for this stability-seeking sign. It's simple and straightforward with its limited ingredients, so there aren't a lot of choices a Libra will need to make when ordering one. Plus, the clean and orderly meatball lineup is sure to give Libra some inner peace.

Scorpio: Spicy Italian

Scorpio loves power, intensity, and independence. This water sign exudes confidence and fearlessness and tends to scoff at anything that's ordinary or vanilla. They also love being in the spotlight, although they still keep an air of mystery around them. 

There couldn't be a better fit for Scorpio than the Spicy Italian sub when it comes to Subway sandwiches. According to Subway, it includes Genoa salami and pepperoni for just the right hint of spice while leaving the rest a mystery. This sub is meant to be customized to your heart's content, giving Scorpio all the power.

Sagittarius: Steak "Cali Fresh"

They're loud and they're proud. Sagittarius isn't one to shy away from confrontation or a challenge. This fire sign is similar to its fire cousins as a naturally outspoken and boisterous personality. Sagittarius is also emotionally opinionated, fearless, and adventurous.

One of Subway's newest concoctions, the Steak "Cali Fresh," is a sure match for a Sagittarius. Subway lists its flavorful and unique profile as steak, bacon, mozzarella cheese, and freshly smashed avocado, creating a new and tasty discovery for the adventurous Sag in each bite.

Capricorn: Cold Cut Combo

Capricorn is extremely realistic, usually taking methodical, planned-out approaches to what they do. As such, the sign prefers structure over chaos and loyalty over dishonor while appreciating honesty and reliability.

Perhaps the most structured sandwich on the Subway menu is the Cold Cut Combo, one of the originals that features turkey-based ham, salami, and bologna. Sure, it's somewhat plain-Jane, but everything we know about Capricorn tells us they'll appreciate its steadfastness and transparency.

Aquarius: Oven Roasted Turkey

Subway's Oven Roasted Turkey sub is one of its classics that just about any Subway fan has tried at least once. Made with thin-sliced turkey and Hearty Multigrain bread as default options, this is a sandwich fit for anyone who avoids taking big risks, especially when they have flavors they already love.

That non-risk-taker could be an Aquarius, the sign that's known for its perseverance and intense independence. The intellectual Aquarius sets its sights on something and remains unwavering in their ideas most of the time, so traveling off the beaten path is usually out of the question.

Pisces: Black Forest Ham

Pisces tends to be an internal thinker and quieter than some of the other signs, usually preferring to be around as few people as possible. Astrologer Rachel Lang tells Well+Good that Pisces "make great chameleons who can get along with a wide variety of people and find a way to flow with whatever life brings to them."

Despite enjoying their alone time, Pisces build "strong, solid relationships," says Lang. One of those relationships might be with Subway's Black Forest Ham sub, a classic option that's been on the menu for years, giving Pisces some much-needed comfort and predictability.