Costco Fans Can't Wait To Try This Chocolate-Covered Cheesecake Heart

Costco is one of those retailers known for putting out extravagant goodies ahead of whatever holiday is up next on the calendar, and with Valentine's day approaching, we can't help but reminisce over the chocolate peppermint loaves the grocer sold last Christmas. And how could we forget those massive pumpkin pies that show up ahead of Thanksgiving every year?

For the upcoming romantic holiday, the store is gearing up with tasty themed items like heart-shaped ravioli and macarons, but another favorite is returning this year. "Just in time for Valentine's Day – the @juniorscheesecake chocolate-covered cheesecake heart has returned to the warehouse!," Instagram account @costco_empties announced in a post displaying the massive three-pound cake.

The chocolate cake is a product of New York City's Juniors Restaurant, which proudly claims to be home to the World's Most Fabulous Cheesecake. This heart-shaped chocolate dessert runs for $18.99 at Costco and is coated in chocolate ganache, topped with mini chocolate chips, and decorated with festive red stripes.

Costco shoppers might have to wait to get this Valentine's day cake

Valentine's Day may not be the most popular holiday, but there's no denying that the annual celebration of love brings some seriously drool-worthy confections to the grocery store. Junior's Chocolate-Covered Cheesecake Heart is certainly one of these, and according to Instagram user @costco_empties claims, "it's absolutely incredible."

Followers of the account are excited, with reactions including "Oh my goodness that looks amazing," "Yummmm," and "I'm literally on my way to Costco right now because of this!" But before you run to the store, you might want to call your local Costco first as several other commenters said they have yet to see the cheesecakes. Commenters report "they haven't received it at my Costco yet" and "I wish they had that in my Costco in Atlanta."

In the event you can't locate the heart-shaped Juniors treat at Costco, or perhaps they are all sold out, sheknows points out that you can get one directly from the NYC eatery's website or through Goldbelly – though it will come at a much steeper cost.