The Problem Some Trader Joe's Fans Have With Its Cucumber Avocado Smoothie

Smoothies have become a staple in many households. They can be made in a variety of ways from fruity and sweet to protein-packed and veggie-heavy. If it's the health factor you're after, a green smoothie is a good choice, as it's packed with antioxidants and nutrients. Some people, however, are not smoothie fans, whether it be the taste, texture, or pulpy pieces that just don't sit right. 

Whether you're a smoothie lover or not, there's no denying these drinks are a good way to get in more servings of fruits and vegetables. The market for smoothies in North America was valued at a whopping 4.58 billion in 2019 and is expected to keep climbing, which proves that smoothies are a popular on-the-go beverage (via DrinkFit). 

Supermarkets have been quick to adopt the smoothie trend in order to capitalize on its growth, and many are selling a variety of bottled smoothies. Trader Joe's and its sizeable selection of smoothies is no exception. The grocer's coconut smoothie, for example, has been ranked to be amongst the best beverage options at Trader Joe's by not only Buzzfeed but also the Reddit community. The latest addition to the supermarket's smoothie selection per the popular Instagram account, @traderjoeslist, is a cold-pressed Cucumber Avocado Smoothie, and it's raising some eyebrows.

Some think this Trader Joe's smoothie mimics salad dressing

Per the Instagram post, Trader Joe's Cucumber Avocado Smoothie is selling at $3.49, is made with mango and spinach puree, and acerola cherry juice in addition to cucumber and avocados. The smoothie also has a splash of ginger juice for flavor and overall, packs in a good amount of fiber, protein, and vitamin C without any added sugars.

The problem Trader Joe's fans seem to have with this vegan and gluten-free smoothie powerhouse is its texture, taste, and appearance. "It tastes like an unseasoned salad dressing lol," wrote one follower. And others agreed, revealing that they did indeed mistake the smoothie for a bottle of salad dressing at first glance.

One fan teased, "nothing hits the spot like drinking a cold bottle of salad dressing," while other users compared the appearance of the smoothie to that of pesto sauce or guacamole, joking that while they weren't sure about drinking it, they would certainly consider dipping tortilla chips in it. 

Some who have already tried the new smoothie are vouching for its taste, as one fan shared "Had this today!! It's delicious, perfect for my daily breakfast!!" It's a mixed bag of reactions for sure, but the only way to decide if this green smoothie is right for you is to taste-test it yourself.