Tracee Ellis Ross' Hot Ones Challenge Reaction Has Instagram In Stitches

Tracee Ellis Ross may be best known for her hair care company, along with her roles on the sitcom "Black-ish" and in the movie "A Wrinkle in Time," but that's not what has us talking about the talented actress right now. Ross recently made an appearance on First with Feast's popular program "Hot Ones" with Sean Evans, and her priceless reaction to chowing down on those hotter-than-hot wings doused in spicy sauce has left the internet in stitches. If you are unfamiliar with the series, host Sean Evans has a juicy conversation with celebrity guests as they eat wings, with each plate getting spicier and spicier just as the questions do.

It's fair to say that flaming hot wings are not something that the Golden Globe-winning Ross would typically nosh on during the day. As she once told, "I like simple, whole foods." But Ross also revealed in the same interview, "I eat [with] the same philosophy that I live with: joyfully!" And viewers can't help but feel that joy — touched with humor — in what is definitely a classic reaction to being on "Hot Ones."

She calls out for her mama, Diana Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross took to Instagram to share that a new episode of "Hot Ones" featuring her guest appearance is out now, and you'll definitely want to see the video. Ross looks chic as she talks about everything under the sun with host Sean Evans, including a party at Madonna's house where she recalls the singer's risqué outfit. Ross also readily shares that she really doesn't have a palate for heat (solely relegated to putting Frank's Red Hot Sauce on potato chips). But, at 49-years-old, she is finally ready for the challenge — one she says that her brothers embraced as kids. 

There's a bit of a build-up to the best moment of the interview. First, the actress samples a hot sauce called "12 Angry Scorpions" and immediately feels the heat. She hilariously tells Evans they need one of those bars that they have in delivery rooms at hospitals to yell, "I've got it." After a few more hot sauce tastings, Ross shares she can feel a "layer of fire" on her intestines. But it's the moment when she cries out "Mommy!" (aka Diana Ross) while sampling a super spicy wing, dripping in "Da Bomb" hot sauce (which, by the way, has a Scoville Scale heat index of 135,600), that has us laughing. 

Evans responds with, "It's gotta be the spiciest thing you've ever eaten in your life," to which Ross jokingly counters of how she'd describe the sauce, "It's not spicy; that's rude!" Saltines and milk can't even quell the fire as she tries to talk about her favorite audio books for plane rides. The tasting ends as she scolds the wing for being so dang hot — which definitely sounds like something her mother would do.