Instagram Adores Duff Goldman's Daughter In This No-Nonsense Pic

Duff Goldman's fans have been oohing and aahing over his baby daughter Josephine since the "Ace of Cakes" star and his wife Johnna welcomed their first child a year ago. In an Instagram post announcing Josephine's birth, a smitten Goldman wrote, "She is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in the whole world." Clearly, Goldman continues to be besotted with the little cutie, as he has shared many sweet photos and baby firsts. His Instagram followers are super engaged with posts about Josephine, and he shared with fans when his daughter tried some watermelon, when she tasted her first strawberry, and the time she got messy with a smoothie.

Recently, Goldman shared a sassy photo of his baby girl, who seems to be mastering the art of the side-eye (via Instagram). His fans are loving the sweet-but-sassy snap. We don't know what Goldman was doing to elicit this vexed expression from the blue-eyed babe, but the "Kids Baking Championship" star captioned the photo, "Josephine is not having any of my nonsense." Goldman's Instagram followers rained hearts on the post, which has almost 32,000 likes as of this writing. Many couldn't help but comment, proposing theories as to exactly what was on baby Josephine's mind.

Josephine serves up some sass

To viewers of "Kids Baking Championship" and "Duff's Happy Fun Bake Time," it might be obvious that Duff Goldman would be a great dad. He has a quick smile, not to mention natural ease and respect for the youngsters on his shows. Not surprisingly, baby Josephine is a frequent subject of her proud papa's Instagram posts, and Goldman's fans are always here for it. In his recent post, Josephine is all attitude as dad does something that must not amuse her.

Of the baby's sassy expression, one follower wrote "I feel this look." Another said, "Keep this picture! When she's 15 you'll have a priceless side by side!" Another asked, "Well, what did you do wrong?" A clearly experienced parent added, "Get ready for a lifetime of that look!" Others warned, "When she starts talking she'll tell how she really feels," and "And so it begins! I think you're in trouble."

Other followers commented on Duff's obvious affection for his little girl. "Little did you know how one little person could change your life," remarked one fan. Another noted, "You are the sweetest man! She is a lucky little girl." As with many of Duff's other photos of baby Josephine, some followers had opinions about which parent Josephine resembles. "She looks exactly like you in this photo," one noted," while another believes "she looks like mama." Most commenters, though, just couldn't get over Josephine's cuteness. The overwhelming consensus? "She's adorable!"