Krispy Kreme's Valentine Day Donuts Are Here And Heart-Shaped

The box at Krispy Kreme might not be heart-shaped, but the donuts are about to be. The pastry giant's early offering in the huge market of Valentine's Day food deals starts January 31, with its holiday-themed donut collection, says Business Wire.

The menu addition is certainly a festive one. Each box is filled with heart-shaped donuts decorated for the occasion. The "custom dozen box" encourages customers to "sprinkle a little love," and even comes equipped with two valentines that pop right out of the top of the box, making the whole thing is ready for immediate gifting. In fact, Krispy Kreme says this promotion is a way of spreading joy in the world during a difficult time. "It's been rough lately. Sharing a little love goes a long way," says the chain's Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Skena.

Depending on where you live, the whole thing should run you around $15, which is about the price of one exorbitantly marked-up rose on that particular flower's big day. But beyond the relatively pain-free price point, these donuts are also special thanks to their popular flavors and some well-placed holiday decorations that really help them stand out. 

Krispy Kreme's Valentine's Day donuts are too sweet to be true

Forget Cupid. This year, Krispy Kreme has adopted two official Valentine's Day mascots, a bee and a bear. The critters are reflected in the decorations on two of the donut designs. Here's what you can expect out of the heart-shaped donut, which are (almost) too pretty to eat:

The "Bee Mine" donut is dipped in red icing and accented with a pink drizzle. A fondant piece depicting — you guessed it — a bee, is the finishing touch. Oh, and it's also filled up with the chain's Strawberries and Kreme. Nom, nom, nom. Next, the "Beary Best Valentine" donut is a heart-shaped confection topped with chocolate icing and liberally covered in chocolate sprinkles. It's decorated to resemble a teddy bear, using icing and the chain's Chocolate Kreme. The "Cookies to my Kreme" donut is stuffed with Cookies & Kreme filling, then hand-dipped in white icing. It's also topped with a chocolate drizzle and heart-shaped confetti sprinkles. Lastly, the "My Batter Half" donut is filled with Cake Batter and covered in pink icing. Heart sprinkles top the whole look off.

Whether you think these donuts are too sweet to be true, or a bit much, both new mascots are already getting plenty of... buzz. "Oh my GAWD! The bear, the bees, I can't even!!!!!" gushed one excited fan on Krispy Kreme's IG announcement. These creative new treats are available now through February 14.