MrBeast Just Launched A New Snack Brand With This Massive Giveaway

While his real name is Jimmy Donaldson, legions of fans know him better as MrBeast. The hugely successful content creator is more than just a maker of viral videos. Many of those stunts are connected to helping others, plus a few epic prizes along the way. MrBeast has just debuted his snack brand, Feastables, and a "gamified" experience is waiting to be unwrapped with the food, per a press release.

Feastables isn't MrBeast's first foray into the food world. reports that his Beast Philanthropy YouTube Channel has supported Donaldson's food pantry, which has reportedly provided "1 million meals to people in need." People might be more familiar with the virtual restaurant concept MrBeast Burgers. Whether people order these smash burgers for their flavor or the connection to the famous YouTuber can be debated, but no one can argue the brand's success. Though, Donaldson told Dexerto that the virtual restaurant's success came down to a "gamble" on a video and the power of his brand. With the launch of his new snack brand, not only might his celebrity entice people but it comes with the lure of a chance to win big.

Does the MrBeast Feastables launch sound like the Golden Ticket?

Jim Murray, formerly of RxBar protein bars, has a hand in the product. Feastables bars are plant-based and organic (via Fast Company). The current flavors are Original Chocolate, Almond Chocolate, and Quinoa Crunch Chocolate. Although MrBeast said that deciding the flavors wasn't a "scientific" process, he did weigh in on which options he preferred. With Feastables, there's more to unwrap than just a snack. There are $1 million in sweepstakes prizes and even an opportunity to win a chocolate factory. 

As MrBeast told Fast Company, when coming up with this idea, he asked himself, "What is something I think my audience will get most excited about, that they'll like, what's interesting, what's the most spectacular thing we can do? And it doesn't get more of a spectacle than flying people in to compete for a chocolate factory." According to a company press release, entrants in the Feastibles sweepstakes could end up with instant win prizes like a Telsa, See-Doo, and more. Those with an opportunity to vie for MrBeast's Chocolate Factory would appear in a video. The Feastables website explains, "The more chocolate you devour, the better your chances of winning," which might remind people of Charlie finding one of Willy Wonka's golden tickets

Looking at the comments on the brand's Instagram page, the feedback is mixed. Some people are excited to try the snack, while others criticized the nearly $50 price tag for an 18-bar box. Although individual bars can be purchased via for $2.89.