TikTok Is Divided On Wolfgang Puck's Extra Ingredient For Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled egg fans generally land in two camps: Those that like them well-done and in solid, big curds — and those that like they them soft and creamy. The prior describes the American or "hard" preparation; the latter is the "French" technique that makes them silky, with almost a "sauce"-like consistency. Though some find this type too "wet," the French style delivers a rich flavor and incomparable texture.

The Cookful explains the American method of cooking will mean the eggs are completely dry. The French variation, however, is achieved by cooking the eggs over a very low temperature and constantly stirring them. This is what Wolfgang Puck, who famously combined French cooking techniques with Californian and Asian flavors in his restaurants, demonstrates in a recent TikTok video with the help of his son Oliver.

As Puck shows in the post, he likes to add a little bit of cream to his egg mixture and also uses a very low flame and imparts constant stirring. The result? The eggs look pretty darn perfect when Oliver takes them off the burner. But Puck takes even one more step, adding an extra egg yolk – just the yolk — which Oliver, still stirring, incorporates into the rest of the scramble.

The traditional technique of adding egg yolks to pastas (like carbonara), sauces, and dressings to lend creaminess is not new. As executive pastry chef Daniel Skurnick explained to Food & Wine, you can add egg yolk to any dish that would benefit from some extra "thickness or creaminess." And, as Puck proves, this holds true even for scrambled eggs.

An extra yolk ups the creaminess of scrambled eggs

Wolfgang Puck and his son Oliver showed their TikTok followers a secret to super-creamy scrambled eggs: When they're almost done, take the pan off the heat and mix in an extra egg yolk. The heat from the pan and the eggs will warm up the yolk as it's incorporated, and add more silky texture.

TikTok, however, was divided over this step. One person affirmed, "I get to learn from Wolfgang Puck. I love the internet." But many were loudly unimpressed by what they called "raw eggs." One exclaimed, in all caps, "IT'S RAWWWWWW," and another chimed in, "Uhm no thank you," while someone else offered, "No. Just ... No."

Still, others agreed with Puck's take. "This is the ONLY way to eat scrambled eggs don't @ me," said one follower. And another added, "Oh my god it looks better than anything I have ever made." One fan even encouraged fellow commenters to chill out with, "Anyone freaking out about raw egg yolk never look up how to make mayo." Another opined, "The egg yolk at the end is a game changer." A member of Team Wolfgang also wrote, "Are people really questioning Wolfgang Puck? ... People eat raw egg all the time and this isn't raw." A fellow supporter concurred, "All these babies complaining about raw eggs probably eat their steak well done and don't enjoy sushi."

There are some more takeaways from the Chef Puck that will improve your egg game: Use organic eggs; scramble them with a combination of olive oil and butter; don't let the butter brown; and keep scraping the sides as you constantly stir your scramble with a wooden spoon. Follow Puck's lead, and you'll have gourmet eggs every time.