Whole Foods Fans Are So Excited To Try Its New Cookie Butter Creamer

Cookie butter is not for the faint of discipline. One sweet spoonful of this gooey, crunchy spread made from finely crushed ginger and/or molasses-flavored cookies, tends to lead to another... and another. And another, at which point you may be may never reach for another jar of Nutella again. Not that Trader Joe's, whose Speculoos cookie butter is a consistent crowd-pleaser, would likely mind. That said, let's face it: a daily helping of cookie butter may not fit all that well into your healthy eating plans. So, what's a cookie butter lover to do? 

Califia Farms may have the answer. Its Cookie Butter-flavored Almondmilk Creamer is now available at Whole Foods stores, according to the avid shopper behind Whole Foods Hype, a Whole Foods superfan Instagram account. Not only does it deliver cookie butter flavor, but also the "sweet creamy goodness of dairy creamer ... but without the dairy," Whole Foods Hype said in the caption. Even better? There's just 3 grams of sugar per serving. Naturally, Whole Foods fans are super-excited, especially considering this creamer is priced competitively with the other creamers you can find at Whole Foods.

This creamer may render coffee irrelevant

It was just yesterday that Whole Foods Hype, a popular Whole Foods-centric Instagram account, posted about a new dairy-free, cookie butter-flavored creamer from Califia Farms (via Instagram). Fans, followers, and lovers of cookie butter alike (yes, we surmise that there may be quite a bit of overlap there, but it is still quite a lot of people!) are so excited by the prospect of flavoring their coffee with this new cookie butter creamer that they can hardly contain themselves. 

The post has already earned itself over 900 likes. It's also inspired a flurry of enthusiastic commentary, including "So dreamy," "Can't wait to find this," and "it's so good," among others. Instagram user @Ali_Gowan suggested that "anything" made by Califia Farms is going to be awesome. One Instagram user, @Mrs.KatrinaMeyers, even shouted out to their friend @iheartuofm with news of the new flavor, suggesting that maybe, just maybe, this will be the final push they need to get their friend to start drinking coffee. It would certainly be interesting to learn whether Califia Farms' cookie butter almondmilk creamer is so good that the coffee becomes mere afterthought!