What Really Happens After Justin, Kristen, And Jeremy Finish An Episode Of Fast Foodies - Exclusive

What you've always suspected about "Fast Foodies" is true. The show isn't over when the cameras stop rolling. The "Chompionship Trophy" may have been won for the night. The day's two underperforming chefs have been toilet-papered or trash-talked — or undergone some other bizarre punishment — after trying to recreate a celebrity guest's favorite fast food dish. But, none of that means that the chef hosts are ready to part ways with each other. As Justin Sutherland and Jeremy Ford revealed in an exclusive interview with Mashed, after 12 to 14 hours of shooting an episode, the two find the juice to keep on keeping on.

In fact, they are the first to admit that the three celebrity chefs (also including Kristen Kish) get cutthroat on the show — which only seems right since they all once competed on various iterations of "Top Chef" and "Iron Chef." As Ford revealed, "Even when you think that we're on there only having a good time ... we still are really cooking, and it's very competitive." But even the fact that Sutherland can out-Chipotle Ford, or that Kish and Ford can make a mean McDonald's Big Mac doesn't mean that "Fast Foodies" is a place where friendships go to die. "The important part is making good food, hanging out with friends, hanging out with these celebrities, laughing, and having a good time," Sutherland reflected. And, as it turns out, some of his and Ford's best memories from shooting Season 2 were actually made off-camera. 

Justin and Jeremy don't go home after 'Fast Foodies' is done filming

What does after-hours on the "Fast Foodies" set really look like? For Justin Sutherland and Jeremy Ford, it means hanging out on a lot of scooters. Yup, they truly do like each other that much. "Although exhausted, we're hungry, a couple drinks deep, and [there's] still a lot of adrenaline pumping," Sutherland revealed to Mashed in an interview. Naturally, to assuage their restlessness, the co-hosts "formed [their] own scooter gang" for when they're done after a day on the set. "Jeremy and I would always go out and get dinner somewhere, and then I'd end up just renting scooters, riding around Skid Row, having a great time," added Sutherland.

If it's any comfort, the duo's mad skills reimagining fast food classics in the kitchen are balanced by their subpar riding abilities. "[Justin's] probably one of the worst scooter drivers on the planet," Ford revealed. "I think he almost died at least three times." Though it sounds like Ford's scooter skills are just as dubious. "I was going to say the same about Jeremy!" Sutherland quipped, adding, "It's usually late at night after ... many cocktails, so there were a lot of scooter crashes."

To catch more of Justin and Jeremy's antics, along with co-host Kristen Kish, don't miss an episode of "Fast Foodies" Season 2, which airs Thursdays at 10/9 C on truTV.