Reddit Is Trolling This Michelin-Star Restaurant For Its Lack Of Plates

The Chicago-based eatery, Alinea, has been praised for its innovative approach to dining under well-known chef and restaurateur Grant Achatz. According to Elite Traveler, the restaurant even serves 15-course meals and "edible balloons," among other traditional dishes, like beef Wellington. The eatery designs different dining experiences for its customers, per Tock, such as "The Alinea Kitchen Table" for groups of six, which is described as an "intimate, immersive and cutting edge experience." 

The Gallery at Alinea offers a "multi-sensory menu that combines fine dining with experimental moments" and The Salon at Alinea includes "a multi-course tasting menu" that is both "innovative & delicious." The restaurant also has takeout options for customers who wish to savor the dishes at home.

According to The Michelin Guide, which gave the restaurant 3 stars, Alinea is an impressive eatery that promises its diners excellent service and offers "whimsical" dishes that are occasionally "experimental" and unconventional. The eatery is highly praised for its multi-sensory dining experiences that are meant to take customers on a surreal journey. 

While this Michelin description abounds with positivity, several Redditors are a bit turned off after watching a video that was shot at the restaurant.

Alinea offers artistic meals but not everyone is impressed

Someone shot a video while visiting Alinea and praised the restaurant for its unique approach to dining. The video clip has somehow ended up on Reddit and is attracting criticism from viewers for the food's presentation. The food was served directly on the table, sans plates, and this non-traditional experience is irking several Redditors. The top comment reads, "Is table licking acceptable here?," while another comment urged diners to "bring a wide silicone spatula" to fully enjoy the experience.

One user admitted that the presentation was "artistic" but they don't "want to have to scrape" a spoon around the table to eat. Another sarcastically offered, "Heard if you pay extra they line you up and catapult the food at you." 

Someone did defend chef Grant Achatz and wrote that the tablecloth at the restaurant is different and no "scraping" is needed, sharing "When you drag your spoon across it, it kind of ripples to conform to your spoon and gets it all off in one clean's subtleties like that... that make it a worthwhile experience. They can do crazy stuff like this with extreme finesse so it doesn't feel stupid."

Whether you are pro-plate or pro-art, this dish does look pretty cool, even without the actual dish.