Valerie Bertinelli Just Did The Cutest Pop-Up Book Signing And Instagram Is Loving It

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Valerie Bertinelli, host of Food Network's "Valerie's Home Cooking" and "Kids Baking Championship," is also a bestselling author who recently added a memoir to her collection. The latest, "Enough Already: Learning to Love the Way I Am Today" was released in January and details her journey to finding self-worth through her career, her former marriage to the late Eddie Van Halen, and her role as mother to their son, Wolfgang — as well as her decision to say "enough already!" to the pressures of mainstream media to look a certain way (via Amazon).

The star recently visited a Barnes & Noble store in Studio City, California to pick up a copy of researcher and self-help maven Brené Brown's book "Atlas of the Heart," and while there, Bertinelli decided to sign copies of "Enough Already" to treat unsuspecting shoppers. After, she took to Instagram to explain the story behind the impromptu signing, stating that upon checking out, she asked the cashier if she had a Sharpie so she could sign her new book. The cashier then recognized Bertinelli and agreed to help, with the actress signing the five or six copies they currently had in stock.

Instagram calls for more impromptu book signings from Bertinelli

In Valerie Bertinelli's Instagram video, detailing her pop-up book signing at a Barnes & Noble outside of Los Angeles, she pulls her sweater up over her face while telling the story, saying, "It was so embarrassing; I was so embarrassed." But support from fans rained in the form of comments and likes — as of this writing, the post has been liked more than 41,000 times. "I think it's awesome that you did that! Absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about!!!" wrote one follower, while another commented, "Don't be embarrassed, you should always stand tall with your head up high with all your accomplishments." And even Brene Brown said, "I've done that! It's the best. Congrats!"

Bertinelli may even be thinking about taking her new pop-up book signing endeavor on the road when she travels to see her son, Wolfgang Van Halen. She captioned the post, "Should I do this more often or am I crazy? Maybe, when I go out on the road to see Wolfe I'll go to a local bookstore and sign some books!?" Fans loved the idea — "Yes! Everyone would love it," wrote one person. Another added, "Yes it's so sporadic and fun for the book store and customers. You are so awesome!"

The star may be a bit shy about signing her latest work, but we bet a lot of fans are scrambling to the L.A.-area store to get their hands on the few autographed copies right now.