How The Super Bowl LVI Score Could Get You Free Buffalo Wild Wings

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner and never have fans wanted a game to go into overtime more. Whether you're rooting for the Los Angeles Rams or the Cincinnati Bengals, you are probably hoping for a really good game on February 13 when one team will be crowned champion. But if there's the possibility of Buffalo Wild Wings on the line, trust us when we say you want the game to go into overtime. 

The chain that specializes in all things chicken wings is bring back one of our favorite promotions (via Business Wire). As Inspire Brands notes, for the past four year Buffalo Wild Wings has offered hungry sports fans the chance to win free wings. Fans didn't have to do much, other than hope the big game would go into overtime. Well, guess what? Wings are on the line again. If this year's Super Bowl goes into overtime, we all get free wings — well, only if you live in North America.

What's the probability of OT?

According to Inspire Brands, if the Super Bowl LVI game is tied after regulation, we are all winners. For the fourth year in a row, Buffalo Wild Wings will give EVERYONE in the United States and Canada six free boneless or traditional wings at Buffalo Wild Wings on February 28 from 4-7 p.m. local time. That's right, think of it as a participation trophy for going through the roller coaster of emotions this NFL game sends us on. Per the National Chicken Council, approximately 1.42 billion chicken wings will be eaten this Super Bowl Sunday, so this snack food is clearly beloved. Eating six on February 28 will let all of us have a Celine Dion moment where the game will be all coming back to us — the good, the bad, the ugly, and the tasty.

This freebie can only be claimed by those who dine-in or get in-person takeout from the chain's sports bars. Translation: no mobile or delivery options on this one. And don't be greedy. It's one free order per customer and only while supplies last. But People cautions we should not get our hopes up too high, because overtime during a Super Bowl game is not likely. In fact, they note it has only happened once, and that was in 2017 when the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons faced off. Still, when it comes to a game like this, anything can happen.