This NBA Player Held Up A Press Conference To Place A McDonald's Order

Post-game press conferences can be eventful, whether the athlete is in a terrible mood because they lost or giddy, celebrating a win. Although these media events might be entertaining for the viewer, athletes like Naomi Osaka have refused to participate in post-game press conferences because of the effect on her mental health (via NPR). The fines that follow such refusals might not be too onerous for highly paid athletes like Osaka or Kyrie Irving, the latter of whom was fined $35,000 because he insisted on not doing interviews after games (via NBC Sports).

Rod Benson, a former pro player in the NBA's D League told NPR that these press conferences can make athletes look bad because they are still processing what just happened and their adrenaline is still pumping, rendering them unable to give thoughtful answers. Additionally, Benson explains that athletes could have emotional outbursts, which also make them look bad. It sounds about as awkward as having one glass of wine and telling your coworker way too much about your personal life. 

The timing of these media events might even lead to unusual food-related behaviors, like when Milwaukee Bucks player Giannis Antetokounmpo started eating chicken wings at a press conference after what Fadeaway World called a "crushing defeat." Similarly, a Minnesota Timberwolves player made the media wait recently so he could finish placing his McDonald's order.

Anthony Edwards didn't answer any questions until he ordered his McChickens

Anthony Edwards seemed especially casual when he asked the media to hold off on any questions until he finished placing his McDonald's order (via Twitter). According to Hot New Hip Hop, Edwards has been a popular topic of discussion in the NBA because of his down-to-earth personality, "physicality, explosive plays, and killer mentality on the court." 

His combination of talent and fun personality gave were apparently joined by his comically timed appetite when he spent nearly the first minute of the interview ordering his food. The Twitter account for the show "SportsCenter" included laughing emojis when it posted the video, at least someone clearly got a kick out of it. Perhaps McDonald's took it a bit more seriously. "LET HIM FINISH HIS ORDER," the chain's Twitter account replied to the "SportsCenter" tweet. Maybe it really is true that athletes and celebrities are just like us. When they crave fast food, they might just drop everything to place their order.