San Pellegrino's New Limited-Edition Bottles Are Inspired By Stanley Tucci

If you're a flavored sparkling water fanatic, you might be excited to hear about San Pellegrino's new limited-edition bottles, in collaboration with none other than renowned actor Stanley Tucci.

The "Searching For Italy" host has partnered up with the iconic bubbly water brand to bring fans the special "Stan Pellegrino," a drink that's meant to "enhance" moments. As part of the campaign, a video has been released of "The Devil Wears Prada" star traveling to San Pellegrino Terme, Italy, and exploring the region where the water originates from — we then see him savoring moments as he enjoys the drink while hiking through the mountains, going to a celebration in the casino, and strolling through the town. For Tucci, many of these "enhanced moments" happen at the table, as is shown in the last clips where he's hosting a dinner party.

But, rather than flying all the way to Italy to get the "Stan Pellegrino" experience, you can simply enter a giveaway to win an engraved bottle with Tucci's signature, along with two drinking glasses, and an exclusive San Pellegrino cutting board.

The partnership is a celebration of all things Italian

Another overarching theme of the latest San Pellegrino campaign is all about capturing Italian virtues, which the company defines as "community, friendship, and passion." Tucci, a supporter of the brand, describes this partnership as a "mutual endearment for all-things Italian," so it's not surprising this crossover is now happening. In previous years, San Pellegrino has collaborated with popular brands such Vogue, Bulgari, and Missoni, for a line of "Italian Talents Special Edition" bottle, which aim to capture the unique hallmarks of Italian culture (via San Pellegrino). 

Yet, there's been nothing like the "Stan Pellegrino" limited-edition bottles before, which are designed to capture the actor's trademark look. Of course, Tucci is a great fit for a collaboration with the brand as one with Italian blood and host of his own travel food show, "Searching For Italy." According to PR Newswire, the collaboration is believed to be a multi-year agreement. In his most recent Instagram post, Tucci raised a virtual toast to the partnership, adding, "Now, this just feels right. Let the delicious journey begin."