Instagram Is All Over Stanley Tucci's Name-That-Place Challenge

Stanley Tucci has grabbed a page from Carmen San Diego and Waldo, teasing his social media followers to guess where he is in photos shared from his recent excursion to Italy this past October. Per CNN Travel, the host of "Searching for Italy" routed the first season of the show around Campania, the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Bologna, Milan, Tuscany, and Sicily. And with the new and highly-anticipated second season due to launch some time next year, fans are eagerly wondering where Tucci will be taking them next in 2022, with the recent photos acting as a great teaser.

If you follow the star on Instagram, then you may be playing along with his name-that-place challenge. The first photo he posted was easily identified as Venice, highlighting the city's beautiful waterways. One follower wrote in the comments, "Beautiful place, beautiful food, and beautiful people! Yum!" We concur. Knowing what a proficient cocktail mixologist Tucci is, perhaps he even made a pitstop at Ernest Hemingway's haunt, Harry's Bar, for a classic bellini (via Smithsonian Journey) — we can only hope that is a part of the upcoming episodes. A quick glance through the additional photos also showcases fresh markets, mountainous regions, and beautiful sunsets — all of which has social media fingers clicking and clacking.

It looks like the Italian Alps are one of the upcoming spots

Tucci's latest Instagram picture from Italy has received close to 100,000 likes as of publication, including one from Aviation Gin co-owner Ryan Reynolds. We can only imagine the actor binge-watching Tucci's "Searching for Italy," while eating some delicious doctored-up mac and cheese cooked up by his wife, Blake Lively. But we digress. The newest IG photos feature Tucci at what appears to be a ski resort. He captioned the post with this challenge: "Can you guess the third and final region of our recent trip to Italy?" His followers believe the "The Devil Wears Prada" star made a stop in the Alps with one writing, "It's cold, Italian Alps," while another guessed with more specificity, "Cervinia, Val d'Aosta and Turin," also theorized on the blog Italo File.

But yet another follower used this "where in the world" challenge to lobby Tucci to visit Verona, writing, "Stanley you have to come to Verona!!!! We have a wonderful delicious soup no one outside this city knows." And yet another followed suit, expressing their hope that Tucci might consider exploring the United Kingdom in as similar way, writing, "Really hope you do something similar for U.K. TV as I am sure it would be very popular!" Wherever Tucci may have visited, we can wait for it to be revealed in 2022!