Yelp Is Hiring A Chief Pizza Officer - Here's How To Apply

Last year's National Pizza Day brought with it scores of deals on pizza in all its iterations, from the most traditional of slices to Einstein's pizza bagels to Quest's low-sugar, high-protein personal pies. This year's National Pizza Day is being celebrated on Wednesday, February 9, and we'll be covering all the deals, of course. But for the moment, it would seem remiss not to alert you to the fact that crowd-sourced review platform Yelp has come up with a most ingenious way to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of this auspicious, crowd-pleasing, pizza-loving "holiday" (via National Day Archives). And it involves paid work, per Yelp.

"In celebration of National Pizza Day on February 9, Yelp is launching a search for its first-ever Chief Pizza Officer, who will serve as the authority on all things pizza, from deep dish to Detroit style, pizza cones to personal pan," Yelp informed Mashed via press release. This is not a sweepstakes. Rather, the winner will be selected by judges based on the quality of their official entry materials (which we'll get into below). And the prize will be an actual job — a six-month consultancy with Yelp paying the lump sum of $25,000. 

If you consider yourself a pizza aficionado with a knack for storytelling — and you have some time on your schedule over the next six months to obsess over pizza for the sweet sum of $25,000, then here is everything you need to know.

A contest that promises a paid gig as a prize!

In celebration of National Pizza Day 2022, Yelp is hiring its first "Chief Pizza Officer." To enter/apply, you must be at least 21, reside in the continental U.S., and have a Yelp account with a profile photo with your likeness. Also, you can't already be an employee or contractor of Yelp. 

Your entry will consist of a form you'll need to complete at the Contest Site, plus a 30-60 second video you'll submit, in which you talk up your qualifications. You'll see all the details on the Contest Site. Note that whatever you do submit as an entry may be used by Yelp, whether or not you're selected as the winner slash get the job. The winning job candidate will be determined by a panel of judges who will evaluate entries based on the "quality of [the] submission, love for local business, pizza pride, geography, and social media presence, adherence to prompt, compelling storytelling, and overall appeal," the rules provide.

If you do get the job, you'll need to sign an independent contractor agreement with Yelp. You'll also be responsible for any taxes that the IRS may determine are owed based on the "value and nature" of the prize.