Here's How You Could Win $10,000 From Bud Light

Move over Budweiser frogs and puppies – the Anheuser-Busch brand is looking towards the future now with a spate of new ways to enjoy and engage. One of those ways involves pigskin – or rather piggybacking onto the Super Bowl. We've heard about Guy Fieri joining the Bud Light family to promote its new hard seltzer in a special Super Bowl ad. Perhaps the brand used its frog legs to hop onto the NFT trend as part of the effort to introduce its new beer, Bud Light NEXT. 

It's all about the zeros with this 0-carb beer. In keeping with that theme, the brand dropped a Super Bowl ad called "Zero in the Way of Possibility" to coincide with the launch of the product on a national scale, according to a press release. That's zero carbs and zero barriers in this new commercial, where Barbra Streisand croons "Gotta Move." The ad shows what appears to be Gen Z'ers getting outside, out of an apartment, and possibly even out of this world. But in addition to releasing the ad, Bud Light is giving people an opportunity to "add a 'zero' to their bank account."

Bud Light wants fans to zero in on the number 0

Bud Light has launched the "Spot a Zero, Add a Zero," according to a press release. "Seven lucky people" can win $10,000, but they need to focus on the zeros. The idea is for sweepstakes participants to take photos of "zeros in the Bud Light NEXT spot, zeros on NEXT cans, zeros in other ads, zeros on street signs, and zeros anywhere in between." They will then need to upload their photos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and use hashtags #SpotAZero and #Sweepstakes for their chance to win (via Bud Light NEXT Sweepstakes). The giveaway is broken into seven different "entry periods," and winners will have 48 hours to accept their prize after being notified that they won. The sweepstakes began on February 7, and the submission deadline is February 18.

The only thing Bud Light probably doesn't want people to see zero of is excitement. Luckily, some folks have already shown all-caps enthusiasm on social media. Responding to a January Instagram post about Bud Light NEXT, one user declared, "THIS IS MY BEER OF THE SUMMER (and spring, fall, and winter)." Another commenter exclaimed, "OMGGGGG [crying emojis] I could cry!!! When does this come to Canada(Alberta)." Instagrammer zackm661 wrote, "@budlight always figures out a way to outdo themselves. You truly are the beer company for the people! Let's goooo!!" The brand took the time to reply, "This is my new favorite comment."