Jack In The Box Has A Cheesy New Flavor Of Tiny Tacos

Have you ever sat down to a plate full of tacos and thought, "Wow, I really wish these were adorably small, deep-fried, and came with a creamy dipping sauce?" Well, as it turns out, someone at the Jack In The Box headquarters did, and thus, the Tiny Taco was born.

Initially introduced at a select set of the fast food chain's locations in 2019, the crunchy, bite-sized snacks were officially rolled out to Jack In The Box restaurants nationwide during the early months of 2020 (via Houston Culture Map). They were sold in quantities of 15 with a Creamy Avocado Lime Sauce and were also accompanied on the menu by a souped-up version called Loaded Tiny Tacos that, according to Food Beast, came topped with shredded lettuce, hot sauce, and nacho cheese.

As with some miniature versions of beloved foods (see Mini M&M's or Bagel Bites), Jack In The Box's Tiny Tacos proved to be fairly popular with customers. This not only secured them a permanent spot on the menu but also led to the eatery releasing a few more takes on the mini munchy, including a cheesy new version that Chew Boom reports debuted this week.

You can get Nacho Tiny Tacos and Bacon Loaded Tiny Tacos from Jack In The Box now

Jack In The Box appealed to customers that enjoy a little spice in their lives last August with the release of Spicy Tiny Tacos, and now, the chain is aiming to please fans that prefer the cheesier side of things. According to Chew Boom, the San Diego-based fast-food restaurant is now serving up Nacho Tiny Tacos, which feature a coat of nacho cheese seasoning on the outside shells of the traditional Tiny Tacos to give them a new, flavorful twist. They will be offered in batches of 15 with a Ranch dipping sauce on the side and will be sold for the "suggested price" of $3.50 per order. For just a dollar more, customers can also choose to upgrade to Bacon Loaded Tiny Tacos. Those consist of a 15-count order of Nacho Tiny Tacos that are topped with bacon, cheese sauce, ranch, and Spicy Good Good sauce.

Despite having only been available for a few short days, some foodies have already ventured to Jack In The Box to give the new Nacho Tiny Tacos a try. Among them was YouTuber RDR Food Review, who gave the menu item a "solid 'A'" rating in a recent video. Meanwhile, another YouTuber by the name of Peep This Out awarded them a score of 9/10. "Just a beautiful situation across the board," the YouTuber explained in their review. "It delivers not only aroma, but in flavor, and that's really where you want it to count."