Ferrero's 2022 Valentine's Day Collection Has Something For Every Chocolate Lover

Mention of Valentine's Day usually brings to mind bouquets of flowers, teddy bears clutching little hearts, store-bought cards, and boxes upon boxes of chocolates. Even though these romantic gestures seem commonplace to us now, they're actually relatively recent additions to the centuries-old holiday.

According to BBC News, Valentine's Day has been celebrated since the year A.D. 496, inspired by a Roman springtime festival. However, exchanging chocolates on Valentine's Day was unheard of until the late 1800s and only firmly established itself as a tradition in the U.S. around the time of World War I.

Ferrero Rocher chocolates entered the scene in the second half of the 20th century, dazzling everyone with their shiny wrappers. Today, Fererro is the third-largest chocolate manufacturer in the world, says Forbes, and shows no sign of slowing. To celebrate this year's Valentine's Day, Ferrero is bringing back some fan favorites, as well as introducing some new sweet treats. 

Ferrero chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate

Ferrero takes up a lot of real estate in the chocolate industry, so we can hardly be surprised that its Valentine's Day collection is huge. This year, Ferrero is gifting the world with a whopping 12 different chocolate gift sets (via Chewboom).

The 2022 collection includes the Ferrero Rocher tin heart, Grand Ferrero Rocher dark, Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature boxes (available in both 12- and 24-count), Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature heart box, Kinder Chocolate gift box, Kinder Joy gift box, Kinder Bueno minis, Fannie May Pixies heart box, Fannie May Colonial Assortment heart box, TicTac Big Berry Adventure pack, Butterfinger minis, Baby Ruth minis, Crunch minis, and Butterfinger hearts.

The Ferrero collection has already hit stores, so you don't have to wait until the night before — or the morning of — Valentine's Day to get your hands on a gift box for your special someone. You can even buy a box for yourself and make some really luxurious hot chocolate. This holiday truly can't get any sweeter.