Instagram Is Drooling Over Bobby Boyd's Easy Super Bowl Snack

With the big game right around the corner, football fans have started planning their snack courses for the night. Finger foods like sliders, chicken wings, potato chips, and even caramel corn rank as some of the best Super Bowl snacks out there (per Insanely Good Recipes). Of course, heroes and pizza are popular options too. If you really want to get fancy on the NFL's biggest day of the year, per Mental Floss, you can take notes from some home cooks who have whipped up mozzarella and marinara shots, pork ribs wrapped in pineapple and bacon, churro apple pie waffles, and even bacon cannoli.

While the mere sound of these foods might make your mouth water, Bobby Boyd offers an easy, cheesy creation in honor of the Super Bowl that may make your stomach rumble, too. In an Instagram post, Boyd walks through a recipe on how to coat Babybel cheese snacks with Doritos. After coating the Babybel balls with a whisked egg and the crushed chips, he puts them in an air fryer for three minutes and ends up with a creation he has dubbed, "a nice little food hack." Fans concur, taking to the comment section in droves.

Hot and tasty cheese bombs for the win

Fans just can't get enough of Bobby Boyd's "cheese bomb" post, chiming in with replies like "Ok I can handle that recipe!!! I'm on it!" and "Fun way to make such appetizing cheese bombs. Your videos are beautiful and cheerful, I love them." Many users applaud both the simple concoction and the chef, with comments such as "I will definitely be making this! Great idea!" and "You are amazing and love your videos!!"

Boyd tapped into his love for Babybel cheese to make these simple, air-fried bombs and the recipe really resonated with his followers. Boyd also shared the same recipe on his website for anyone who wants to follow along but needs more time than the Instagram video offers. 

We can't confirm or deny this, but Boyd may have gotten the idea from a viral TikTok recipe for similar Babybel bombs that require home cooks to air fry the snacks (per Salty Side Dish). Either way, the word's out on Boyd's cheese bombs, and from the looks of them, they probably stack up nicely against the original. If you need a new Super Bowl side to wow your guests, these are easy (and cheesy) enough to try.