TikTok Is Shocked At Someone Allegedly Finding A Tooth In A Subway Sandwich

Subway is no stranger to controversies that might scare away the average customer. In recent months, the international sandwich chain has gone viral on social media for everything from the gross way employees clean knives to a questionable hiring practice taking place in some locations.

In addition to these incidents, Subway has also been accused of being less than forthcoming about its food. Customers have complained that the chain's off-smelling turkey is even worse than its tuna (which also came under fire in late 2021 because people aren't convinced Subway's tuna is real). Others have taken issue with more specific Subway menu items and ingredients, such as its stem-on jalapeños. Now, Subway is once again the subject of social media chatter for a more recent, isolated occurrence: One customer found what looked like a human tooth in their steak and cheese sandwich, and they shared the evidence on TikTok.

This Subway customer feels 'sick'

Earlier this month, a TikTok user ordered a 6-inch steak and cheese sub — but allegedly got an additional ingredient she was not expecting. Shaniqua Cobb posted a video first showing her Subway receipt, then explaining her complaint: "I found a tooth, a whole tooth, embedded in my bread." She added that she believes the tooth "came from wherever the bread was made because it was deep inside" the bread, rather than between the meat and cheese. This may not be the first time this has happened at Subway, as one commenter said the same thing happened to her mother two years ago.

Cobb added a caption noting how sick she felt after finding the object, panning over to a view of the alleged tooth placed on top of a napkin. Some commenters questioned whether or not it was really a tooth, while others were quick to tell Cobb to "sue" the sandwich chain. Several other users mentioned horror stories they've heard about Subway's bread. That's another controversy entirely, as one country says Subway sandwiches don't technically contain bread.