Topo Chico Wants To Send Your Ex A Cactus This Valentine's Day

There are plenty of brands that have deals for Valentine's Day, and you can take advantage of them with your Valentine's date. Bonne Maman is selling a Valentine's Day jam box (via She Knows), and chains like Hard Rock Cafe have special menus for the holiday (via Facebook). Although you probably don't want to think about your ex on Valentine's Day, there is one promotion Topo Chico is running that might make that a little fun.

Although Topo Chico is a hard seltzer brand, you won't be giving away any tasty alcoholic beverages to your ex. According to a press release sent to Mashed, Topo Chico is giving fans the chance to have the company send their exes a mini cactus. The company's website also explains that the cactus comes with a commemorative card to make your message clear. If thinking about your ex makes you feel all prickly, then this could be a fun way to express your feelings.

Here's how Topo Chico can send a cactus to your ex

All you need to do to send your ex a cactus is head over to Topo Chico's website and fill out the shipping information. It'll cost $2.14 plus shipping to send your ex the spikey plant, and in some states, you'll get a coupon for 50% off a 12-pack of Topo Chico Hard Seltzer if you buy a cactus. There's a limit on the hard seltzer discount, so act fast if you want the rebate. Topo Chico recently announced that they're selling Ranch Water Hard Seltzer in certain states, so you can use your coupon to give it a taste.

Unfortunately, you can only send one cactus to an ex. Each person can only participate in the promotion once, so if you've got a list of exes that have broken your heart, choose wisely. Topo Chico can't guarantee that the cactus will arrive at your ex's address by Valentine's Day, but chances are that the cactus will still come as a surprise.