All The Actors In Michelob Ultra's Star-Studded 2022 Super Bowl Commercial

Imagine being at your local bowling alley and seeing Peyton Manning as you look to your right. That's exactly the experience that Nneka Ogwumike had in Michelob Ultra's 2022 Super Bowl Commercial. (Wait a minute, who's really the lucky one here?) The beer brand loaded its Super Bowl LVI ad with famous faces, with the former NFL quarterback and Los Angeles Sparks basketball player being just two of the celebrities in the 90-second spot.

Manning is actually a veteran star of gameday commercials — he was also in Michelob Ultra's 2021 Super Bowl ad. Like last year's commercial, this year's version has an upbeat vibe, with the star athlete being shown having a great time with friends at a bowling alley. While there, Manning meets another famous athlete who was featured in a previous Michelob Super Bowl commercial: Serena Williams. "I think everybody will get a kick out seeing all these different athletes ... hanging out with some beers, bowling for some friendly competition," Manning told People about the ad. Here's who else they hang out with during the star-studded TV spot.

The ad is filled with star athletes

People notes that along with Manning, golfer Brooks Koepka is another notable returner in this year's Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commercial. Soccer star Alex Morgan and NBA player Jimmy Butler also make reappearances in the 2022 ad. The commercial, available on YouTube, first opens with Manning walking into the bowling alley, with the attendant (film legend Steve Buscemi, the only non-athlete in the spot) handing over some bowling shoes and a bottle of Michelob Ultra. 

Manning then passes by several recognizable faces before taking the lane next to Ogwumike. The spirit of competition is undoubtedly high in the space, but so is the lively energy of athletes playing against themselves and one another. Butler and Manning make faces at one another throughout the video, but both keep getting strikes. This lasts until the one and only Serena Williams walks through the doors. As Buscemi says, it's "game time."