Nearly 28% Think This Is The Best Beer To Drink On Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is the right time for a fun party at home: the annual celebration calls for crunchy snacks, finger foods, and plenty of beer. According to data released by The National Retail Foundation, an impressive number of fans are planning to watch the game this year (around 184.5 million). Additionally, 90 million viewers intend to watch The Big Game with their friends and family members at a house party, while 13.7 million adults will head to a restaurant or bar to catch the game.

Beer is, of course, going to be a huge part of the Super Bowl. According to news outlets such as Men's Journal, The Huffington Post and The Telegraph, people are expected to consume around 325.5 million gallons of beer on game day (perhaps an exaggeration but probably not too far from the truth). With that in mind, fans were recently asked to vote for their favorite beer brand in a Mashed survey that included 598 participants across the U.S.

People have a clear favorite

The survey included popular beer brands such as Coors Light, Sam Adams, Miller Lite, and more. However, participants were clear about their preferences. 27.93% of the respondents said that they're going to gulp down bottles of Budweiser. This was followed by Sam Adams (24.41%), Coors Light (18.39%), White Claw (13.38%), Miller Lite (9.53%), and PBR at 6.35%. 

The brand decided on an unusual move last year and refrained from releasing a Super Bowl commercial, using the funds to spread awareness about COVID-19 vaccines. According to a CNBC article, Budweiser was missing from the Super Bowl "for the first time in 37 years" and released a digital ad, featuring "resilient Americans during the coronavirus pandemic" such as medical professionals.

Certain Redditors were impressed by this decision — a commentator wrote on a thread, "It's a win win for everyone. More people get vaccinated while [Budweiser] will most likely get more 'supporters.' Great marketing move on their part." The strategy may have paid off, after all: The brand is the most popular choice this season.