Costco Fans Can't Wait To Try Its Returning Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

The countdown begins! With Valentine's Day less than a week away, people are scrambling to make last-minute dinner reservations and find the perfect V-day gift for their special someone. That said, whether you are a single or in a relationship, casually dating or married, February 14 has a little something for everyone to enjoy. V-Day doesn't just have to be about romantic love, it can also be about self-care and spending time with friends. Plus, no matter how you're celebrating, nothing offsets the drab winter grays like bright pink and red decorations and beautiful flower displays.

But if there's one thing everyone should take advantage of on this love-filled holiday, it's the dozens and dozens of special treats taking over grocery stores. Companies across the nation are offering hot discounts and deals on decadent boxes of chocolate, red and pink candy, and heart-shaped cookies. One of the stores jumping on the Valentine's Day bandwagon is Costco, which is bringing back its own pre-made version of the classic V-day goodie: chocolate-covered strawberries.

Shoppers are much more jazzed about the treat this year

User @costcohotfinds took to Instagram to share the unveiling of Costco's seasonal chocolate-covered strawberries, declaring that "The Hand Dipped Chocolate Covered Strawberries are back in the Costco Bakery." According to the post, this fruit-based dessert is typically only available for a week or two, meaning Costco hopes to see these goods getting snagged off shelves the week of Valentine's Day. Each strawberry features a long stem and what appears to be a milk or dark chocolate coating with a white chocolate drizzle.

While Costco shoppers were skeptical about these strawberries last year, these sweet treats seem to be receiving a far more positive reaction in 2022. "I didn't see these when I went earlier to my location tonight," one disappointed shopper wrote. "We must go get some tomorrow," another user wrote, tagging their friend. 

One box of Hand Dipped Chocolate Covered Strawberries will set you back $12.99. While some users may see this as a steal, others have found this price to be a rip-off, especially in previous years. In a Reddit thread dedicated to this Costco product, one user wrote "Seems like an awful deal, to be honest ... Dipping strawberries in chocolate yourself is probably going to cost $4 tops and will taste much better."