Why Sitcom Food Is The Best Food, According To Ken Jeong - Exclusive

The sitcom "Dr. Ken" entranced audiences for just two seasons on ABC, but while filming the show, star Ken Jeong did things right, at least when it came to meal breaks. Though hot wings were probably not protagonists on the set (you know how Jeong really feels about hot sauce if you've seen his "Hot Ones" interview), good food, however, certainly was. 

If you believe what the comedic legend once told Bon Appétit, Jeong's go-to snack while on set are chocolate-covered blueberries. However, when he's not trying to be healthy, he'll each just about anything. "I love cookies. I love Doritos and tortilla chips. I'm known to graze on set," Jeong revealed to the magazine. On Reddit, as picked up by Cinema Blend, Jeong also once copped that the eating habits on the set of NBC's "Community" could get a bit out of hand. Take, for example, when fellow actor Danny Pudi — aka Abed — "got heartburn from eating a ton of candy, mustard, Tabasco sauce, and other foods all at once on a dare," Jeong recalled, noting that — as a real licensed doctor — he helped treat his co-star in that moment.

Yet while the on-set snacks of "Community" might have leaned towards the processed and the pre-packaged, on the set of "Dr. Ken," Jeong truly went decadent.

Ken Jeong describes the delicious food on the "Dr. Ken" set

According to Brainy Quote and a plethora of other websites dedicated to quoting the famous, Ken Jeong once declared — with the authority of someone who has racked up 117 IMDb credits — that, "Sitcom food is by far the tastiest of all showbiz food." And in a recent exclusive interview, Mashed asked him to explain. Suffice to say, Jeong wasn't talking about Tabasco sauce and candy.

"I think it was on 'Dr. Ken,' on the set of my own show that I created. I believe that we were doing a Korean food episode and we had really delicious Korean food on set. I think it's attributed to that, from my memory. I remember being very, very happy that day," Jeong revealed, noting his on-set memories are mostly filled with galbi and kimchi. "I'm a very proud Korean-American and we just had a classic Korean dinner, and it was authentic, and it was lovely. [There was] a lot of galbi, which is Korean marinated short ribs." Though the actor did caution that food "can be plentiful on set. ... When you have to do takes over and over again, you do have to pace yourself." Sage advice, from a doctor no less.

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