American Airlines Just Announced When It's Bringing Back Hot-Meal Service

Given that American Airlines has prided themselves on giving their passengers the best of everything, the return of hot-meal service will make some passengers more satisfied on their next trip. While The Points Guy reports that the enticing aroma of warm nuts will return on February 16, 2022, not all passengers will receive a multi-course airline meal. The change in food menu is for "domestic first-class passengers" who are traveling "on flights longer than 1,500 miles." Unfortunately for those travelers on the other side of the curtain, the bag of pretzels will have to satisfy for a little longer.

While the oven is on yet again, there seems to be some modifications to the meals. According to Travel Weekly, the meal, consisting of a protein or vegetable, an appetizer, and a salad, will be served on a single tray with dessert arriving separately. The assumption is that the single tray service helps to limit flight attendant and passenger interaction.

The return of hot meals is only one aspect to this announcement; Travelers are also getting upgraded menu choices this spring. While choices will vary depending on flight durations, The Points Guy reported that American Airlines will add lighter fare options including grain bowls and entree salads. With the return of hot-meals and more variety, maybe more people will be warming to taking to the skies once again.

Could the return of hot meal service predict other airline food changes?

While many people are applauding the return of American Airlines' in-flight hot-meal service, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) didn't seem to be on the same page with the comeback as they requested their interaction with passengers be more limited. In response, American Airlines cut its second beverage service during flights through at least the middle of April (per The Points Guy).

As American Airlines adds hot-meal service, pre-departure beverage options, and pre-ordering meal choices for domestic first class customers, it begs the question of whether or not more changes will happen throughout all cabins (via Travel Weekly). Currently, American Airlines has retained its ban on selling alcohol, while other hold outs, like Southwest Airlines, have changed that policy. Given the changes in meal service, some people may be wondering if the seat location is more than just the view from the window.