This TikToker Says They Found Feathers In Their Wingstop Order

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and drenched in sauce is the model of perfection in which we expect all of our chicken wings to be. If we order a plate of lemon pepper wings from a big chain restaurant or extra hot wings from our local pizza joint, we anticipate full flavor and dirty fingers. Wingstop promises to deliver on these expectations, stating directly from their website "We're all about taking our wings to another level, saucing and tossing the freshest flavors you crave along the way."

While these are bold words, you might think that Wingstop is another flash-in-the-pan chain that offers up subpar wings. This is a thought you can lay to rest, as Thrillist reports that the fast-casual chain does its wings right and simple. And if you're as lucky as a certain TikToker was, you'll be able to have concrete evidence that what you just ate was real meat, even if it's something you were never meant to eat at all.

"Do y'all still want to eat at Wingstop??" were the words TikTok user Victor Orellana wrote over the viral video, adding "I need my money back! Almost threw up."

Chickens do have feathers but they aren't meant to be eaten

In the TikTok clip, a hand is seen pulling long strands of bristly, sauce-covered chicken feathers from chicken wings. As the messy combination of breading, feathers, and sauce gets sorted through, some viewers expressed shock, while others couldn't help but laugh.

"I used to work at Wingstop it's hard to pluck up all the feathers when it's busy," jested one former Wingstop employee, adding, "But at least you know it's not fake chicken it's legit." Another shared "I rather some feathers then some employees hair"  which was followed by the statement that feathers are technically the hair of a chicken too. "Idk how to tell you this, but every wing you've ever eaten came from a chicken with feathers" was the factual response of another viewer. In fact, a good amount of the comments seemed to be nonplussed by the feathers, claiming they would still eat at Wingstop.

Orellana later updated the video, claiming the purpose of it was to be funny and dramatic, and that Wingstop has asked for his receipt to refund his meal. Although feathers in your chicken dinner is a rare occurrence, it's known to happen from time to time, such as the case for one man's KFC experience in 2013 (via WBTV News).

While many will be enjoying wings on this Super Bowl Sunday, we hope they are sans feathers but if not, just assume they are farm to table.