Here's What Katie Lee Biegel Ate For The Super Bowl

Chicken wings might be the most popular Super Bowl snack, but that's not the only thing people like to dig into when watching the biggest football game of the year. Katie Lee Biegel, co-host of Food Network's "The Kitchen," has shared several go-to game day recipes, from buffalo chicken enchiladas to cauliflower nachos. But what did she make to enjoy on the actual night of the Super Bowl? That would be Cincinnati Style Chili, made famous by the regional restaurant chain Skyline Chili.

In a video posted on Instagram, Biegel explains that she made Cincinnati Style Chili for the Super Bowl because she was rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals in their Super Bowl game against the Los Angeles Rams (the team her husband Ryan was rooting for). "This is taking me back to my college days as a waitress," Biegel says as she ladles some of her chili over a plate of spaghetti. But if you've never been to Cincinnati, you might find yourself wondering why she's serving the chili over spaghetti, not with cornbread or on top of a hot dog.

What is Cincinnati Style Chili?

As Biegel explains, Cincinnati Style Chili is chili on spaghetti, which you can serve "3-way, 4-way, or 5-way." That refers to the toppings on your chili. 3-way is a classic plate of spaghetti with chili and cheese on top; 4-way includes cheese and the addition of onions or kidney beans, and 5-way is fully loaded with all of the above (via Skyline Chili), and is Biegel's preferred preparation.

As for the chili itself, Cincinnati-style tastes a little different from what you'd get in Texas or from a can of Hormel. It's derived from Greek food, and was invented by the Kiradjieff family in 1922, per The Enquirer. The chili is loose and contains water, meat (usually beef), and seasonings like cumin and chili powder. At Skyline, the chili has a sweet flavor that can be attributed to the inclusion of chocolate and cinnamon (via Food & Wine). It's served over unseasoned spaghetti, and the mound of shredded orange cheddar cheese on top is a must. It contains all of the elements of a good game-day snack – meat, carbs, and cheese – so it's no wonder Biegel decided to make this regional classic to support the Cincinnati Bengals.