Why TikTok Star Emmanuel Duverneau Loves Gordon Ramsay - Exclusive

Gordon Ramsay might seem like an unlikely role model for Emmanuel Duverneau, the 25-year-old content creator who was recently named to the prestigious 2022 #BlackTikTok Trailblazers list. After all, on Ramsay's shows like "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Disasters," the TV star is known for his rants and rages; Duverneau's TikTok videos, on the other hand, show a man so delighted to be cooking that he interrupts his food prep every now and then for an impromptu dance session.

And yet, as Duverneau explained to Mashed in an exclusive interview, Ramsay is the food celebrity he most admires. "I really enjoy [him] because I feel like he's really put a test to the content creators or the food chefs," Duverneau said. "Under pressure, they perform really well. I like watching that, although it gives me a little bit of anxiety!" The viral TikToker added that Ramsay's high-pressure tactics ultimately result in bringing out the best in the competitors on the TV shows. "I love watching them because they show me how great people are at their craft, and how, even under real pressure, they could still come out with a great outcome and deliver," he said.

Emmanuel Duverneau wants to know if Ramsay's food lives up to the hype

Gordon Ramsay sure has a way of roasting contestants and flinging contempt at wannabe chefs when they get a technique wrong. But, does that mean his own cooking is always flawless? This is one thing TikToker Emmanuel Duverneau wonders about his biggest role model. When asked by Mashed if he could have anyone cook him dinner, Duverneau said, "if I could have anyone [cook and] really taste their food, I would say Gordon Ramsay because he's the hot shot, and the guy that is all over the place with cooking." He added, "I've never tasted his food. I want to know if it lives up to the hype."

All that aside, Ramsay's work as a TV host has inspired Duverneau's own entertainment aspirations. "I would love to have a show where we have talent, people who could cook a meal in the kitchen, [and] within 30 seconds or 40 seconds, they make this painting masterpiece and get right back to cooking," he said, describing a format that mirrors his own TikTok videos. "People could dance or get on a microphone and sing, and then get right back to chopping and making a delicious meal. I think that would be pretty entertaining, so who knows?"

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