What Taco Bell's Mysterious Super Bowl Commercial Could Mean

Many food brands used the Super Bowl to promote new products, but Taco Bell used its 2022 Super Bowl commercial to make an announcement.

During the Super Bowl, Taco Bell often offers delivery deals and discounts to encourage customers to splurge at the restaurant for their annual watch parties, per USA Today. So many people don't need to be told twice to pick up a party pack from their local Taco Bell. Wings may be the national food of the Super Bowl, but nachos are also one of the most-adored Game Day foods.

However, the chain still goes all out with its Super Bowl commercials. Two favorites were the Live Más ad during Super Bowl XLVⅠⅠ and the 2022 commercial, which seemed to subtly joke about McDonald's broken ice cream machines.

Taco Bell's 2022 Super Bowl announcement was cryptic, but fans have some ideas about what it could mean.

The mystery arrives May 19

You could say Taco Bell's 2022 Super Bowl advertisement was more of a teaser to bait fans' attention and get them excited for what's to come. The graphic showed one of the chain's paper takeout bags with a question mark printed on top, per Thrillist.

The advertisement was extremely vague, with the date, May 19, as the only concrete thing dropped. Per PopCulture.com, this, along with the so-called "reward" being called "saucy," was basically the only detail that was provided. This mysterious wording could mean a variety of things, but Thrillist did note that Taco Bell customers will need to sign up for the rewards program to be eligible for the prize.

The ad probably doesn't mean a collaboration between Taco Bell and Doja Cat, as many fans had hoped in 2021. Could it be a new menu item? Fans will have to wait and see.