Did Taco Bell's Super Bowl Commercial Take A Swipe At McDonald's?

Fast food restaurants like to have fun on social media and interact with other brands — and sometimes, that of course means making fun of them. For example, Wendy's roasted Oreo on Twitter over milk, and Jack in the Box made a joke calling out McDonald's broken ice cream machines. Now it looks like Taco Bell's Super Bowl commercial is also poking fun at the chain's frequent dairy disasters.

The promo starts in a school setting where all the students are clowns, and a voice on a speaker keeps repeating that the ice cream machine is still broken. Sound familiar? To be fair, there's a few reasons why McDonald's machines always seem to be broken, with the company often citing the fact that they're super hard to fix. But, even with valid reasons, it can still be disappointing for customers who can never get their ice cream or McFlurries.

After the opening scene of the latest commercial, a few of the clowns (led by singer Doja Cat) break out of the school and go on a joyride to Taco Bell. In the background, the artist covers "Celebrity Skin" by Hole, according to Pitchfork, who also reported that singer Courtney Love played a role in rewriting the lyrics for this cover. Now that many people have seen the promo, social media is lighting up with many saying Taco Bell took a big swipe at McDonald's.

Taco Bell is coming in with a hot take in their Super Bowl ad

People have started commenting on Taco Bell's commercial on YouTube, all but noticing the digs at McDonald's. One person wrote, "The ice cream machine is still broken. Sending me MCDONALDS VIBES." Another said, "I love how they are dissing McDonald's about the ice cream machine" and someone else commented, "Lmao the McDonald's diss is amazing."

Based on the usage of clowns and calling out broken ice cream machine, it really does seem like Taco Bell is taking a big swipe at McDonald's, and the attention-grabbing ad has served its purpose. As one person said, "First Taco Bell commercial I've liked in a very long time" while another person wrote, "Calling this one of my top commercials."

Besides the comments analyzing the fast food competitors, plenty of people were also commenting on Doja Cat and her performance. Funny enough, Doja Cat has tweeted at Taco Bell multiple times asking for the return of the fan favorite Mexican Pizza, and luckily, her wish has come true, with the brand not only granting her a spot in the commercial but also issuing the good news of the menu item's return. It's said that Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza should be coming back to menus in April or May 2022. Unlike McDonald's ice cream machines, we're counting on Taco Bell to have plenty of these to go around for everyone.