The Royal Pains Episode You Forgot Padma Lakshmi Appeared In

Padma Lakshmi has done it all. The celebrity chef gained her fame hosting and producing Bravo's "Top Chef," which has led to so many other opportunities for this Renaissance woman. Per her website, Lakshmi has authored countless cookbooks, dipped her toes into the children's book world with her story, "Tomatoes for Neela," and served as executive producer and host of the Hulu series "Taste the Nation." Of course, her accomplishments do not end there. Lakshmi has had the rare opportunity to crossover into mainstream entertainment with a guest appearance on the popular sitcom starring Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, "30 Rock." But that's not the only television series Lakshmi has appeared on. 

Jumping from the culinary world to the world of acting has been pretty seamless for the food goddess, and per IMDb, Lakshmi even made a cameo on the USA Network comedy-drama, "Royal Pains." If you are unfamiliar, this show is all about life in the Hamptons, where, if you're rich and famous and need a concierge doctor, then Dr. Hank Lawson, played by Mark Feuerstein, is the medical practitioner you need to privately treat whatever ails you. And naturally, if you are a doctor in the Hamptons, you are going to know Padma Lakshmi.

Padma Lakshmi's appearance is less than 1 minute

According to the IMDb description, Lakshmi appears in season 6 of "Royal Pains" on the third episode titled, "A Bridge Not Quite Far Enough." She plays herself and is on your television screen, or streaming device of choice, for less than a minute. Her appearance is about 10-minutes into the episode which you can watch free on IMDb TV via Amazon

Dr. Lawson runs into the foodie while visiting the local country club, because where else are you going to run into famous people in the Hamptons? Lawson is accompanied by Divya, his physician assistant, played by Reshma Shetty, who happens to be Indian. When the good doctor. goes to introduce the two ladies, Divya explains that they know each other. Dr. Lawson makes a bit of a racial faux pas that is meant to be funny when he suggests that the know each other because they are both of the same ethnicity. 

Divya quickly calls him out and says, "You mean because we are both Indian women?" To which Lakshmi chides Dr. Lawson, saying, "Really, Hank, that's so inappropriate." Dr. Lawson quickly tries to back pedal only to find out they are just messing with him. In fact, Divya and Lakshmi have known each other for years. Lakshmi ends with, "I love doing that," and calling Dr. Lawson a "good sport" before scooting off for her golf lesson. If you are a Lakshmi fan, you should check it out.