The Best Sous Chef Confrontation On Hell's Kitchen, According To Fans

No one watches "Hell's Kitchen" to learn culinary techniques or admire the food — although, on the rare occasion that it's cooked properly, it does look delicious. But really, fans tune in to this Fox hit for the conflict. Whether it's one of Gordon Ramsay's many bollocks-infused tirades, a disenchanted contestant sparking a physical kerfuffle in the dorms, or — heaven forbid — the fallout from yet another raw chicken being plated in the dining room, viewers can't get enough of the bleeped-out expletives, red-faced rants, and constant back-stabbing.

Among these legendary showdowns, it is hard to find anything more satisfying than watching a seasoned sous chef ream out a deserving underling with Yosemite Sam-like finesse; these moments are often more delicious than the food. And while every fan has their favorite sous chef vs. contestant moment, Reddit users have determined one clear winner — you might be surprised to learn which one it is.  

Andi vs. Anton was an argument for the ages

Garnering 253 of 781 votes, the battle of Andi vs. Anton is the best-loved sous chef confrontation in this argument-packed series. Anton is no superstar on the meat station, unapologetically overcooking a fortune in beef Wellington and forcing other chefs to repeatedly re-cook food. After sous chef Andi tells him to "pull it together" and then berates him for talking back, we cut to Anton insisting to the camera that Andi is a "little girl" who "has issues about being a woman in the kitchen."

His sexist views angered many fans, sparking YouTube user Kobe to write, "That woman is a far better chef than he will ever amount to in his life." Others chime in, including Youtube user bill bill, who points out that Anton seems like the one who really has "issues with a woman in the kitchen."

Some "Hell's Kitchen" viewers may have preferred other matches — Reddit user Particular_Being_269 had a particular penchant for Scott vs. Benjamin, declaring that Scott "went all Ramsay on Ben there." But most fans agree that Anton's tuning-up by sous chef Andi was epic and well-deserved. In a series filled with verbal tussles, it is surprising to have such a clear winner, but nothing is more satisfying for a viewer than watching someone say exactly what you're thinking. And for many fans, Andi took the words right out of their mouths.