What Surprised Timbaland On Luda Can't Cook

Rapper Ludacris pushed his boundaries on the discovery+ TV show "Luda Can't Cook." He admitted to ET Online that cooking is far away from his comfort zone and said, "I absolutely love food and have always appreciated the art of cooking, but I can't lie — I have no idea what I'm doing in the kitchen ... I'm on a mission to change that and master one cuisine at a time." He collaborated with well-known chef Meherwan Irani to learn how to do justice to Indian food, which is a cuisine that Ludacris likes. The musician also had to prove that he had the ability to impress with his cooking skills: He prepared a lavish meal for his mother and other guests as a part of the challenge.

The president of the Food Network and Cooking Channel, Courtney White, said in a statement, "Our audience loved watching Ludacris accept an unexpected challenge." Good news for fans of "Luda Can't Cook" is that the show has officially returned for more episodes, according to a Billboard article that informs viewers that Ludacris will be exploring more cuisines such as Korean, Cuban, and Haitian with expert chefs such as Michael Beltran, Alain Lemaire, and Seung Hee Lee. In one of the episodes, Ludacris is seen welcoming his friend and fellow musician Timbaland for a hearty meal. Timbaland recently spoke about the experience, and specifically what surprised him.

Timbaland was impressed

Timbaland was surprised and pleased when he filmed an appearance on Ludacris' show, "Luda Can't Cook." According to Billboard, the latter prepared delicious chicken chicharrones inspired by Cuban cuisine for his friend. Timbaland rated the dish highly, giving it an eight and a half out of 10, and said that there was only one problem: There was too much salt in the dish.

That aside, Timbaland was full of praises for Ludacris and remarked, "I'm in awe, 'cause I want to say something bad ... but I can't. If y'all haven't tried this boy's cooking, I suggest you do." It seems like the rapper is serious about getting better at cooking — Ludacris mentioned that he doesn't take the opportunity for granted when he said, "I put 100% into everything I do, including learning how to cook, and exploring different cuisines from across the globe with world-renowned chefs has been incredible."