This Might Be The Best Way To Dry Bread For Stuffing

Stuffing may be a Thanksgiving Day must when creating your holiday spread, but it isn't the only calendar day of the year you can enjoy this popular Turkey Day side dish. Classic stuffing — if you're not buying a packaged version — is actually made from surprisingly simple ingredients. Per the blog The Girl Who Ate Everything, traditional stuffing is only made with bread cubes, onions, celery, butter, fresh herbs, some eggs to bind the dish, and some chicken broth. The writer explains that the key to delicious stuffing that you can't stop shoveling into your mouth can be very personal depending on your taste buds, but they prefer that it is neither too crispy nor too soggy. 

When it comes to taste, The Daily Meal believes it is all about your bread choice and preparation. The site explains that the bread of choice, be it sourdough, cornbread, brioche, or some other favored loaf, will impart its flavor into the dish; so, choose wisely. The only caveat with your bread choice is to pick one that is dry, otherwise it won't be able to adequately absorb all the goodness from your other ingredients. But how you dry your bread can also influence the taste of this dish — and this might be the best way to do it.

Using your oven is the quickest way

According to The Girl Who Ate Everything, there are two different ways to dry your bread when you are making stuffing. The first is air drying, which simply means cube the bread and place it in a covered bowl on the counter for a day or two. But let's face it, that method is for planners. If you aren't, the second method may be the best way for you. And that is using your oven.

Per The Daily Meal, you want to heat your oven to a balmy 275 degrees. Place your cubes on a baking sheet and pop it in the oven for about 40 minutes, tossing the bread once or twice to ensure it dries evenly. This will get your bread nice and dry so it is ready to take on the flavors of all the other rich ingredients that make stuffing, stuffing. 

When you compare the time commitment using this method, it may become your preferred way to dry your bread when making your stuffing.