The 18 Absolute Best BLTs In The US

The BLT is no doubt one of the greatest sandwiches of all time. Fill two slices of bread with sweet tomatoes, inoffensive lettuce, and bacon, and you've got a winner built for a nation that basically runs on sandwiches. Topical expert Michele Jordan believes the BLT comes from early English tea sandwich origins and evolved as a club sandwich variation in the early 20th century (via Sir Kensington's). It took until the 1990s for the BLT to hit mainstream diner menus, and from there, BLT creatives took off running.

Bacon tends to be the star ingredient of a BLT. The crisp fattiness, for very good reason, is irresistibly flashy. And while cooking finesse is required for perfectly rendered bacon, an exceptional BLT cannot rely on pork product alone. The other components are essential to the credibility of a good BLT. True BLT magic comes down to the sum of its components, a chef's creative culinary mind, and infinite forms. Every ingredient has the potential for a different interpretation or approach, starting with the bread and moving to leafy greens, mayonnaise, tomato variety, and any other additional accouterment that aids in flavorful sandwich layers. You also need to be mindful of freshness (summer-ripe tomatoes are incomparable), as well as nailing the ingredient proportions and distribution. 

While these basics guide the makings of a great BLT, the rest is up to the creator — ultimately, the sandwich's universe is limitless. With that in mind, here are the absolute best BLTs in the U.S.

BLT at Tout Suite - Houston

Tout Suite pays playful tribute to French-American humor, and the flirtatious BLT seduces diners with the essence of sandwich excellence. The full menu offers comfort classics and French patisserie stunners, with a bit of Tex-Mex flare. But the unquestionable BLT star dazzles with impressively clever content.

Tout Suite's version leans into the United States' emblematic sandwich dedication. Still, with multiple components, the restaurant has to play its cards just perfectly to nail the beloved club sandwich classic. It starts with Slow Dough Bread Co. sourdough, a fresh, mildly tangy local loaf. The traditional tomato gets a makeover when sliced green tomatoes, known for a firmer texture and slightly tart flavor, take a breaded dip in hot oil. The double crunch from the crispy Applewood smoked bacon and fried green tomato pairs perfectly with an avocado chimichurri that clings the buttery relish to lightly toasted bread. One enthusiastic Yelp reviewer grants the BLT high praise, claiming it's "maybe the best BLT known to man." After filling up on the BLT greatness, check out the up-and-coming artsy East Downtown Houston neighborhood, known as EADO to locals.

Page's PBT at Page's Okra Grill - Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Known for its shrimp and grits, Page's Okra Grill in Mount Pleasant is a well-regarded South Carolina landmark. But a certain pork sandwich holds the creamy corn's feet to the fire. An original take on the classic BLT, The PBT drops the lettuce and confidently replaces it with rich and creamy pimento cheese. The loaded masterpiece shows off two thick slices of buttered Texas toast, fried green tomato, Applewood smoked bacon, and of course, that pimento cheese — an indulgent Southern spread comprised of cream cheese, mayonnaise, grated cheddar cheese, and chopped roasted red bell pepper. It's no surprise that the decadent sandwich was featured on the Travel Channel's "Food Paradise."

As if these four extra-rich components weren't enough, a fried egg is an optional augmentation. The sandwich is also served with your choice of a Southern side, which is excessive in the best way possible.

BLT at Merritt's Store & Grill - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The single BLT at Merritt's Store & Grill in Chapel Hill, North Carolina is coined "The Love Sandwich" for good reason. The "single" reference is needed to differentiate the classic BLT from the "double" and "triple," predictably resulting in two and three times the portion of bacon, lettuce, and tomato that ends up in the sandwich. All filling essentials are assembled between two pieces of toasted local sourdough bread.

Commitment to BLT craft at Merritt's Store and Grill gained national attention from People magazine who, in conjunction with The Infatuation, dubbed the sandwich (specifically with a pimento cheese addition) the best in North Carolina. BLT fame draws long lines to the storefront (according to, it's the order of choice for 90% of Meritt's Store & Grill customers), but every last minute waiting is worth it when you get your hands on a lofty pile of crispy bacon.

Heirloom BLT at Mendocino Farms - Various locations

California-based fast-casual chain Mendocino Farms is embracing the local food movement with an haute BLT when summer heirloom tomatoes are at their peak juiciness. The result? A sandwich that highlights a perfect tomato's inherent charm. A colorful slice of the fruit, almost the thickness of a steak, takes center stage between toasted rustic white bread, arugula, nitrate-free Applewood smoked bacon, Sir Kensington's Mayonnaise, and a sticky habanero honey drizzle (via Instagram). Sweet, savory, and smoky takes this BLT to an elite realm of sandwich excellence.

The entire Mendocino Farms menu combines local produce and international flavor inspiration, for a deliciously fresh ensemble, and that's exemplified by this combination of sweet heirloom tomato, peppery arugula, and salty bacon. The sandwich is an invite to summer lunch bliss, enough to beckon customer requests for year-long Heirloom BLT access. Unfortunately, only the sweetest summer tomatoes are admissible, so for now, we'll have to wait for the seasonal BLT red carpet walk to California (and Texas) tabletops.

Biscuit BLT at Dough Mama - Columbus, Ohio

Dough Mama's title is a telling indication of this Columbus, Ohio eatery's culinary point-of-view. The carb-adoring menu hosts a selection of breakfast creations, lunchtime sandwiches, bakery items, and homemade pies. But the lunchtime Biscuit BLT deserves extra special attention.

The packed sandwich starts with super flakey cheddar cheese and scallion studded biscuits, baked to golden-brown perfection. Tangy buttermilk brings the dough together, ready for rolling, shaping, and baking. The biscuit effortlessly splits in two, making room for layers of bacon, cream cheese, tomato, lettuce, and house-made red pepper jelly. The brilliant combination of sweet, salty, juicy, and creamy forges a unique All-American biscuit coalition. But if you need a reprieve from all that heavy eating, the Biscuit BLT also comes with a salad, though you can opt for chips instead. Stacked tall, the sandwich is quite the looker, indulging the restaurant's 17,000-plus Instagram followers with drool-worthy snapshots.

Brewhouse BLT at Crescent City Brewhouse - New Orleans

The Brewhouse BLT at this New Orleans eatery is always a long-anticipated seasonal summer menu addition. Crescent City Brewhouse's Italian take on an American classic starts with a buttery brioche bun which is joined by bacon strips, fresh mozzarella, sliced tomato, homemade aioli, and fried basil leaves. At first bite, the combination of flavors resembles that of a Caprese salad with a cheese, tomato, and herb trifecta. Leave it to the crackling sound of crunchy bacon strips to rattle all preconceived notions of both the Caprese and a traditional BLT.

Going 30-years strong, the French Quarter New Orleans brewhouse also supplies house-made beer with a German brewing approach and a local burst of New Orleans art to keep wandering eyes entertained (via NOLA). But if you start with the limited edition Brewhouse BLT — described by reviewers on Yelp as a "sublime" sandwich that is "for the record books" — all the rest is icing on the cake. 

Heir to the BLT at Fight Club - Washington, D.C.

Fight Club has a firm grip on inventive and satisfying comfort food, especially sandwiches. Visionary takes like two griddle-cooked pancakes gripping a juicy piece of fried chicken and General Tso's cauliflower banh mi mash-up tells the story of an inspired sandwich collection from an unassuming Capitol Hill pop-up restaurant (via Instagram). However, the Heir to the BLT made headlines when it was chosen by The Washington Post as one of the city's top 25 sandwiches. For that reason (and many others), Fight Club enthusiasts were relieved to learn that the concept, which is currently on hiatus, will reemerge as a permanent sandwich shop in spring 2022 (via Eater). 

According to The Washington Post, Chef Andrew Markert's BLT creation process is unique. He takes inspiration from Floridian beach trips to recreate nostalgic childhood memories. Thick pork belly-like peppered bacon, heirloom tomatoes, and — plot twist — homemade pistachio butter get comfy between two slices of sourdough bread. The homemade butter starts with vibrant green pistachio that blitzes into a luxurious homemade spreadable condiment. Markert likens the pistachio butter and bacon combination to the sweet and savory alliance between bacon and peanut butter. If the BLT leaves you craving a sweet finish, consider an ice cream "sammich" to boost the nostalgia magic.

Porked BLT at Porked - Pittsburgh

Everything pig is unsurprisingly the main event at Pittsburgh's Porked. Five menu categories — "It's all about the bacon," "Nothin like a great pulled pork," "The rest of the pig," "Hot diggity dog," and "More than just sandwiches" — blows standard pork expectations out of the water. Given the BLT's pork nature, their rendition falls under the former category and feels very much at home.

The Porked BLT is rooted in tradition but amplified in size. Local Mancini's bread, lettuce, tomato, and half a pound of bacon approach tables with gusto. Eight house-made mayonnaise options encourage diners to make the sandwich their own, although insider tips favor the Sriracha mayo (via Yelp).

If half a pound of bacon isn't enough, opt for the Porked XL which includes four times the meat. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette gives props to the city's only BLT with two pounds of bacon and diner remarks back the legitimate hype (via Yelp).

BALT at The Urban Cookhouse - Various locations

The eight Urban Cookhouse locations (plus a food truck) across Alabama spread local produce pride with an accessible sandwich platform. And the more recently opened Nashville branch keeps to the same quality and local-first attitude. Leave it to the BALT to pay tribute to the "Buy Local, Eat Urban" motto and celebrate the state's edible bounty.

A sleek concrete exterior keeps to the restaurant's urban trajectory and local pride inside ties decorated walls to farm-fresh specials. Once plates start landing on friendly tables, the BALT sandwich quickly steals the show with classic and uncomplicated BLT staple ingredients, plus buttery avocado. Homemade aioli keeps a sturdy grip on the white toasted bread so minimal slippage occurs, and deli turkey or ham are optional add-ons for a little extra protein boost. But don't let the seemingly simplistic format deceive you. According to Edible Nashville, Urban Cookhouse makes one of the best BLT sandwiches in the city.

Salmon BLT at The Block - Detroit

Detroit's The Block takes the neighborhood restaurant to the next level with casual dining and an elevated bar plate spread. The eye is immediately drawn to the menu's meaty sandwich inventory, but the salmon BLT is a star.

A bold cranberry and walnut bread selection gets the BLT ball rolling with expert char, additional nutty crunch, and a sweet burst of fruity chew. A liberal citrus aioli smear cuts through rich salmon and smoked bacon layers, and the lettuce and tomato hold true to the BLT's complex junction of fresh and fatty. To maintain the sandwich's structural integrity, a bamboo toothpick keeps all the layers upright until it reaches the table. The BLT verdict? Satisfied customers appreciate the unpredictable bread choice, a salmon filet "cooked to perfection," and an overall "lit" sandwich (via Yelp). Pair with a glass of Nearest Island whiskey and a reliable cheesecake finish.  

Pretzel BLT at The Malted Barley - Providence

Rhode Island's The Malted Barley approaches all culinary offerings from a unique bread angle: pretzels. A yeasted pretzel dough takes shape before the sun comes up, so it's ready for rising, rolling, and twisting by the time the Providence location opens for business. An extensive pretzel selection boasts eclectic flavors like garlic and parsley, "everything" seasoning, and stuffed mozzarella and tomato. Even better, all pretzels are baked to order and arrive table-side still piping hot. Yelp reviewers back the straight-from-the-oven methodology, praising a pretzel that's crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and an overall "bomb" eating experience.

Attention to pretzel detail pays off when the same dough is repurposed for house sandwich fillings. They don't skimp on size or the crunchy salt sprinkling, so it's no surprise that the BLT sandwich is one of the absolute best items on the menu. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato squeeze between the hefty pretzel roll, and a choice of garlic, pesto, or chipotle aioli is a welcome personalization.

Pork Belly BLT at Hullabaloo - Palm Beach, Florida

At first glance, this West Palm Beach Italian bistro exudes wood-fired pizza excellence and a craft brew drinking prerogative. The red and white striped awning is charming at the front, a bustling bar scene captivates inside, and the leisurely outdoor patio never fails to impress on romantic date nights. And while all of that is true, ambitious dedication to a certain summer pork sandwich is the quiet underdog.

Fritz Cassel, head chef at Hullabaloo, is treating his BLT creation like a 3-star Michelin plate. He believes the classic BLT sandwich is "something to be craved" and a "thing of simple beauty" (via Palm Beach Post). Although simple at its core, his BLT process is extremely ambitious, and he starts with the pork. Instead of bacon, Cassel opts for a house-cured pork belly which is coated in salt, sugar, and warm spices. After a few days of curing, a nap in the smoker, and a slow cook in the oven, the pork belly is ready for BLT greatness. The best ingredients render the absolute best final product.

Before assembly, the pork belly gets one final crisping in a pan before joining two challah bread slices. Then he adds red pepper aioli, local Boynton Beach heirloom tomatoes, and spicy arugula in place of traditional lettuce (via The Palm Beach Post). Cassel's attention to detail is paying off in customer satisfaction, causing a passionate BLT hullabaloo throughout the coastal city (via Yelp).

The 'LT at Daily Provisions - New York City

Making a name in a city of millions is a challenge, but the 'LT figured out the secret ingredient, or rather a lack thereof. The sandwich goes full veggie, but before losing patience with the lack of pork product, give this summer gem sandwich a chance. Despite only being a warm-weather offering, when New York tomatoes are at their peak, this sandwich has heads at major food publications turning in their direction.

The Infatuation praised the NY bistro's sandwiches, roast chicken, pastries, and fresh cruller, which put the lunchtime café on the city map. From there, Bloomberg and Grub Street picked up on the missing "B" and praised a sandwich that honors summer tomatoes and an exceptional mayo slather.

Because the 'LT is all about the veggies, tomato slices take center stage. The tomatoes are peeled before slicing to ensure the perfect bite without struggle. Sliced heirloom tomatoes drink up the tangy lemon dressing, watercress adds an enticing bitter note, and basil mayo coats the lightly toasted ciabatta bread for a perfect veggie sandwich experience (via Bloomberg). For those who can't seem to let the pork go, don't fret — bacon is available.

BLT at Squam Lake Restaurant & Marketplace - Holderness, New Hampshire

New Hampshire summers are made best with time by the lake and good eats from nearby edible procurements. Squam Lake Restaurant & Marketplace opened in conjunction with the summertime Squam Lake Inn, and while they are closed from January to April, the smell of smoky bacon beckons before the New Hampshire snow has even fully melted. The lakeside general store is inviting from the get-go, and if needed, could feed you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As if fresh pastries, sandwiches, prepared goods, and outdoor picnic tables weren't enough to draw you in, maybe the BLT — voted best in the state by New Hampshire Magazine — will do the trick?

The Squam Lake BLT is uncomplicated and exceptionally satisfying. Sticking to hearty basics, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and toasted sourdough bread keep summer lake swimmers and explored well fed. Even better, the BLT sandwich is offered on the Squam Lake Marketplace picnic menu for nearby vacationers. For a deluxe spin, keep an eye out for the lobster BLT which is an occasional special.  

Hit the trails for a mountain climb, knowing the BLT, a glass of wine, and dessert is all prepped and ready for hungry bellies. New Hampshire Magazine recommends an order of pistachio cookies for the road, so save a little room for dessert.

Turkey BLTA The Goodwich - Las Vegas

Sandwiches with a local twist take the spotlight at The Goodwich in downtown Las Vegas. They are so passionate about the sandwich effort that they created an original term to captivate impeccable sandwich construction. All Goodwich sandwiches are "stacked-rite" to ensure each one takes tastes just as good as the one that came before it. Whether griddled or "from the chopping block," the menu ventures to every corner of the sandwich universe, and the turkey BLTA goes all out with an extra "T" in the front and "A" to the back.

Thick oven-roasted turkey slices — accompanied by pepper bacon, Roma tomato, baby greens, avocado, and garlic aioli — pile in between two flakey and buttery halves of a freshly baked croissant. A bounty of colorful homemade sides includes chips, spicy pickles, and sunflower crunch (a spin on traditional coleslaw). A side order of harissa or salt n' pepper tots are highly encouraged.

Yelp endorsements like "best BLT I've ever had" pay tribute to the unique croissant canvas for slow-roasted and smoked bacon. Proud statements like these are the reason why The Goodwich made Yelp's Top 100 U.S. Restaurants list in 2022.

Lobster BLT at B&G Oysters - Boston

Fresh seafood doesn't need to travel far from the ocean to Boston's South End, where B&G Oysters step in and take the reign. Boston native and chef and owner Barbara Lynch is a James Beard Award-winner and was named to Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in 2017 (via B&G Oysters).

An elegant dining room with cool seaside blues and fluid, sea-life mirrors set the tone for the evening, and before you can even order, lobster roll plates with mounds of the New England crustacean peak everybody's appetite. Order freshly shucked oysters, fried calamari, or clam chowder to start, but allow your mind to wander towards anticipated lobster BLT bliss. Crusty ciabatta bread, lemon aioli, lettuce, tomato, and bacon are forced to make room for chunks of perfectly cooked lobster meat, ready to burst at the bread seams. Bites of coleslaw counter the rich sandwich, and crispy French fries can mop up any extra lobster bits that slip out. The crusty bread, salty bacon, and sweet lobster is hard to do justice with only words. It's no wonder the lobster BLT made The Food Lens' "must haves" list. According to adoring Yelp reviewers, this monster of a sandwich "has all the others beat."

Bacon of the Month BLT Sandwich at Ted's Butcherblock - Charleston, South Carolina

For many, the BLT's obvious star is the bacon. But at Ted's Butcherblock in Charleston, South Carolina, the bacon makes an even louder statement. The team at Ted's Butcher Block starts off with a passionate pork calling, delivering homemade sausages, pâté, and other prepared foods from this combo butcher shop and café. Commitment to quality feeds right into the famous BLT. Each month, the sandwich gets an artisanal bacon refresh with new pork product inspiration. Revolving bacon slices keep cozy between airy ciabatta bread, tomato and mixed greens add juicy sweetness, and a garlic aioli provides a nice creamy flavor punch.

Food Network named the "no-nonsense" BLT the best in the state, and as the only BLT on the list, it naturally took the prize of the absolute best BLT in the U.S. After earning that title in 2012, BLT admiration flourished and happy diners applaud the Bacon of the Month BLT sandwich to this day (via Eater).

Crabe Mous Frit at Brasserie Amie - Traverse City, Michigan

We now know it's possible to fit just about anything between curated slices of bread with explosive summer tomatoes, refreshing lettuce, and unctuous crispy bacon. So, when our eyes scan the Brasserie Amie menu and discover the Crabe Mous Frit sandwich, intrigue, anticipation, and mouth-watering is the most appropriate response.

The Traverse City, Michigan restaurant is an award-winning brunch destination, and mid-morning attention-to-detail cultivates BLT greatness (via Traverse City Tourism). A French vantage point informs bistro-style plates and near-Parisian flavors. However, the crab BLT imparts a touch of treasured state-side sandwich tradition.

Bite into the Crate Mous Frit and feel the crispy whole fried soft shell crab crackle into a burst of sweet crab meat. The assembly starts with a pillowy toasted brioche bun slathered in homemade mayonnaise. A perfectly golden soft-shell crab is then perched on a bed of lettuce and topped with bacon, tomato, and more lettuce. Per customer recommendations, order the "creme brûlatte," a vanilla latte with a torched sugar crust topping that resembles the flavors and textures of creme brûlée — the perfect caffeinated accompaniment to one of the absolute best BLTs in the U.S. (via Yelp).