21% Think This Is The Worst Side Dish At Texas Roadhouse

There are two things most people love about Texas Roadhouse: the rolls and the steaks. The former is one of the first things to arrive at your table. You're greeted with a basket of fluffy, homemade dinner rolls served with the American chain restaurant's famous cinnamon butter. They're baked fresh every five minutes and are the perfect combination of sweet and salty (via Money Inc.). While you might be tempted to indulge in these complimentary starters, it's worth saving room for the main course. According to Texas Roadhouse, its menu consists of 44% steaks, including a variety of popular steak cuts from an 8-ounce New York Strip to the beefy 23-ounce Porterhouse T-Bone, per the restaurant. No matter which you choose, each steak is USDA quality and cooked to order.

Every steak on the menu also comes with a side dish. Which one is worth ordering and, more importantly, which one should you skip? To find out, Mashed polled more than 600 adults across the country on what they consider the worst side dishes at Texas Roadhouse. Here's the dish more than one in five people chose as their least favorite pick.

Diners don't love the green beans

The next time you're at Texas Roadhouse, you might want to stay away from the green beans. According to Mashed's poll, they're the worst side dish at the chain restaurant, with 21% of respondents saying green beans rank at the bottom of the list. Like all of Texas Roadhouse's side dishes, the green beans are made from scratch. They're tossed with bacon bits and diced onions and clock in at 100 calories per serving. While there are plenty of copycat recipes online — and many bloggers who rave about them — the green beans haven't received great reviews from some diners on Trip Advisor. "I had green beans as a vegetable, and they didn't taste like green beans!" one person wrote. "There [were] onion, bacon bits, and I don't know what else in them, and they were horrible."  

Where did Texas Roadhouse's other side dishes place in Mashed's poll? Surprisingly, there was a three-way tie for the runner-up worst side dish: sauteed onions, Texas red chili, and seasoned rice all received 17% of the votes. The basic sweet potato garnered 16% of respondents' votes, followed by the steak fries, with 6%. Based on the survey results, it seems that mashed potatoes may be the best side at Texas Roadhouse, with only 3% of people dubbing it their last choice.