Roy Choi Just Shared A Special Message For Broken Bread Season 2 Viewers

Food isn't just delicious sustenance for our bodies — it can also stimulate change. That is the premise of Roy Choi's Tastemade series "Broken Bread." As the celebrity chef and social justice activist explained in an exclusive interview with Mashed, the program is really "a solution-based social justice show disguised as a food show." Per IMDb, Season 1 of the show shined a light on the people in communities who are doing good using food as their vehicle of change. It seems Choi is serving up more of that goodness, considering a recent Instagram post he shared. 

Per the Washington Post, Choi's series places a finer point on issues like gentrification by speaking with nonprofit leaders, restaurant owners, and people who care deeply about the neighborhoods and communities they live in and are trying to spark change. He told the outlet, "I just wanted to make a show where there are no sides and we bring up the issue and we just try to provide solutions and the people who are active with those solutions that can show you that there are answers to these big problems." 

More powerful stories from the trenches

Roy Choi shared a photo on his Instagram of a heartfelt message he typed up which began, "Just because there's hate vitriol, disparity, racism, starvation, injustice, destruction, abandonment, and lack of true access in the world doesn't mean there is no good." But after acknowledging these challenges of the world, Choi offered a glimmer of hope with, "We are not naive to the despair, we just choose to give all of her energy to the fight against it. So we are proud to share the stories of the real ones on the ground doing something to fix things." 

But even though the show's host gave us a hint of the empowering and inspirational stories he will be showcasing, he also issued a call to action, asking his followers and fans to tune in and watch these stories, saying, "We need you and all your friends and acquaintances to watch this so we can continue the journey to make kindness and positive solution-based television accessible and available for all." Choi goes on to suggest and passionately encourage viewers, writing, "Please help me create the demand, let's get those eyes. That's all I ask. The heroes we cover and us at Broken Bread will do all the heavy lifting. So sit back, and sink in and welcome to Broken Bread Season 2."

If you're moved by the chef's message, you can take in an episode of Season 2 of "Broken Bread" on Tastemade or on KCET.