What Ice-T Really Eats On The Set Of Law & Order: SVU - Exclusive

In true Hollywood cop style, Ice-T might have downed a donut or two while filming "Law & Order: SVU." He's actually a jelly donut appreciator. The actor and rapper once affirmed this via a tweet in the wake of a social media debacle stemming from the earth-shattering admission that he'd never eaten a bagel — or had a coffee — in his life. That was back in 2018, and although Ice-T didn't attempt to hide intense vexation, even Jimmy Fallon couldn't wrap his head around it. "The fact that I could say I don't eat a bagel or drink coffee, and people's heads would explode, lets you know what we are right now," the multi-hyphenate star reflected to Mashed in a recent exclusive interview. "I've never seen 'E.T.' or 'Back to the Future,' either. Certain things that people do normally, they lose their minds, like, 'What do you mean? What do you mean, you've never ever seen that show or you've never...'"

You can be almost 100 % certain that, to this day, Ice-T doesn't touch bagels when offered — even on-set while filming. He did try one, eventually, and described the experience to Fallon as, "In one bite it felt like I ate a loaf of bread." The rapper won't touch the on-set greens either. "They put out raw vegetables and stuff," Ice-T told Mashed. "I don't eat them either — people eat broccoli, raw?"

Ice-T's on-set meal habits are surprisingly relatable

These days, there aren't any raw veggies offered to actors on the "Law & Order: SVU" set for Ice-T to categorically refuse, anyway. "There used to be a lot of different foods out there. Craft services would have it out," the actor dished to Mashed. "Now, we don't have it. After COVID, there's no food." Instead, said Ice-T, "You have to order food from them and they bring it to you in a sealed thing."

Instead of ordering meals, though, Ice-T said he prefers to chow down on cereal. "I eat everything in moderation, and I'm a cereal person. I eat cereal every day," the actor told Mashed. "They give me a little container of milk, which I put in my little refrigerator and I can eat cereal all day [on set], so Cheerios come in handy."

His Cheerios fixation isn't a fluke. The "Law & Order: SVU" star has recently partnered with the cereal giant to promote heart health and healthy eating. You can experience his Cheerios "Pour Your Heart Into It" workouts first-hand through his workout series accessible through the QR code on the back of limited-edition happy heart shape boxes of Cheerios, which come in the Honey Nut and yellow-box original flavors, as well as Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Strawberry Banana.