Instagram Is Psyched About Trader Joe's Mochi Cake Mix

At this point, it's hard to not notice mochi products at the grocery store. According to Allrecipes, mochi traces back to Japan and gets made using a "sweet, glutinous rice flour." The final result is a stretchy, sweet confection that historically has been paired with sweet red bean paste or green tea powder. The item has taken on a variety of flavors and forms over the years, and some have imbued the treat with chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and mango flavors. Others have used mochi flour to create new concoctions, like mochi ice cream cakes. Trader Joe's has now taken mochi to a new dimension thanks to a mochi cake mix that promises to bring the iconic texture of mochi to the next level.

Instagrammer @mrs_traderjoes spotted the mochi cake mix during a shopping run and felt compelled to review the product. They posted a picture of the product on social media and gave it a rating of an eight out of ten. Additionally, they said, "This was my first time trying the infamous mochi cake and it didn't disappoint! I loved the chewy texture, so that obviously blew my skirt up. I substituted [mango juice for water] and it added a little hint of sweetness! I'll definitely pick this up again next year to try a new flavor combo!"

Fans love the mochi cake mix

The Instagram post attracted its fair share of positive attention from followers. Some users jumped in with preparation recommendations, like, "Omg. My favorite. Next time just use some tin foil to make any size dish you need! Block off part of your bigger pan!" Another jumped in with, "So good with substituting coconut milk for the water. I use two boxes for a 9x 13." Others loved the texture and commented, "I love it! And it actually looks really good a bit thinner like that!"

Some found ways to hack the recipe further and said, "I added pandan extract to mine and it was DELICIOUS!" and, "I added matcha and made cupcakes! I also added a simple almond buttercream frosting that took them to the next level!" Certain users jumped in with takes like, "so good with blueberries!! I put it in a muffin pan." Another person wrote,  "It gets a 10/10 for me! I've hoarded these. Try mixing with matcha powder!"

Users across Instagram not only agreed that the mochi cake mix tasted great, but a good majority also found a way to hack the recipe to suit their taste. Just like regular mochi cakes, home cooks took this glutinous rice flour mix to the next level by adding their own touch and found some delicious flavor combos in the process.