The Rock Just Revealed One Of His Favorite Cereals

Wrestler turned actor and entrepreneur Dwayne Johnson — also known by his former wrestling moniker, The Rock — frequently thrills his 300 million Instagram followers with glimpses of what he eats. The focus is typically on The Rock's decadent cheat meals, which serve as tantalizing fare for social media. As Food Network reports, he's posted snaps of gigantic meals that might consist of 5 pints of ice cream or eight slices of French toast topped with half an apple pie (yes, literally, half an apple pie).

In a recent Instagram share, he gave his fans another glimpse into his #cheatmealsunday, albeit with portions that looked much tamer than his normal Sunday conquests (although perhaps he just didn't show the full quantities he consumed). In the snap, he held a plate with a slice of French toast. The photo was captured right as he was digging in, a big bite of the carb-packed treat disappearing into his mouth as he gazed at the camera with wide eyes.

He clarified in the caption that the French toast was "right off the griddle" and served up "with warm cinnamon glaze," and also shared that the unique preparation involved crusting the French toast with his favorite cereal.

The Rock loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch

So, what cereal is The Rock reaching for during his breakfast-themed cheat day meals? According to his Instagram post, he's all about Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Given that his cereal-crusted French toast was served with cinnamon glaze, it sounds like the perfect complement to the dish.

The simple post racked up over 1.7 million likes as well as over 7,700 comments. Some fans seemed to agree with his choice. User tyler.goodale1 commented, "Eating like a king," and naarah_mielle wrote, "I freaking love cinnamon toast crunch cereal." Yet another follower was eager to try out the cereal-crusted creation but irritated by the timing of The Rock's post: "Don't do this to me DJ my cheat day is on Friday so now I gotta wait till the end of the week to throw down on some of this."

And, it seems The Rock isn't the only celebrity who can't get enough of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. As Business Insider reports, it's entrepreneur Elon Musk's midnight snack of choice, as well as a favorite of Kylie Jenner. But at least one famous face had an experience with the cereal that didn't scream "The Rock" so much as "rocky." As some may recall, there was a bit of a scandal last year when writer-producer Jensen Karp claimed he spotted shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Many celebs had hilarious responses to the alleged discovery on social media (via Wonderwall). The Rock, it seems, wasn't one of them.