Smashburger Just Brought Back A Fan-Favorite Fish Sandwich

As the Lenten season begins, fish sandwiches begin to return to fast casual menus. After its debut in 2020, the Beer Battered Pacific Cod Sandwich is back at Smashburger, the chain announced. When first released, it was the brand's first fish entrée, per a press release at the time. The 2022 version sticks to the same ingredients: Fried wild-caught Pacific Cod is coated in a signature batter featuring lager, which adds flavor but also helps to keep the fish crispy. Served with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce, it might not be smashed, but it is the chain's take on a classic fried cod sandwich recipe.

While Smashburger labeled the fish sandwich's return as "back by popular demand" on Instagram, it's unclear whether the alleged popularity is due to the time of year — as many Christians eat more fish during Lent — or people simply wanting a fish sandwich on the menu. This year, the Beer Battered Pacific Cod Sandwich will be available through April 19 at participating locations. While Smashburger did offer a BOGO deal on the item on March 2, it is unclear whether last year's buy one get one sandwich for $1 on Fridays will return for 2022.

More new menu items join Smashburger's fish sandwich this spring

Smashburger is adding more to its springtime menu besides fish. In a recent company announcement, the brand revealed that it has rolled out Adult Chicken Tenders and Scorchin' Hot Chicken Tenders. Building on customers' positive response to its 2021 Scorchin' Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich, these two menu items focus on crispy chicken and bold flavors. As their name suggests, the Scorchin' Hot Chicken tenders are not for the spice-averse. Featuring Smashburger's Nashville Scorchin' Hot seasoning, the flavor is spicy but can be cooled or sweetened when paired with customers' choice of ranch, honey mustard, or BBQ sauce. Meanwhile, the Adult Chicken Tenders give mature customers the chance to order the kids' menu classic without lying about their age.

The new tenders are available in three- and five-piece orders. It is best to check with local restaurants for pricing and availability. While the question of the chicken or the egg might never be solved, the new chicken tenders at Smashburger could answer a chicken craving.