TikToker Jeremy Scheck Names His Go-To Fast Food Order - Exclusive

In a recent interview with Mashed, viral TikTok creator and college chef Jeremy Scheck shared some of his best tips for cooking on a budget while also discussing his partnership with Credit Karma. While Scheck's recipe for ramen topped with a soy-marinated egg is an amazing idea for a quick, nutritious meal, he also knows that sometimes everyone needs a break from cooking. 

Of course, as a college student and TikTok personality with a mind for eating well on a budget, it's only natural that Scheck has a favorite fast food order that would reflect those values too. Scheck didn't have to think twice before naming his favorite fast food restaurant. "It is Chipotle, without a doubt," he told Mashed. "Chipotle, for me, is the place where you get the most bang for your buck," he added. So, instead of opting for something like the quintessential college staple of pizza, he heads to the burrito temple to place an order — and in return he gets something that isn't just a healthier option, but also one that can be used for more than just one meal, too.

Scheck's go-to Chipotle order is pretty smart

If you're wondering just how TikToker Jeremy Scheck makes the most out of his Chipotle order, he broke it down for Mashed. "What I always do is I ask for extra everything, except for the meat, which is the only thing you really have to pay extra for, if you want more," he said. 

As for what he orders almost every time, it's all about the burrito bowl and layering it with flavorful options. "I get extra white rice, both [kinds of] beans. Depending on my mood, I'll do chicken or often the sofritas and then cheese, extra corn, hot salsa. Everyone sleeps on the hot salsa, it is by far the best one. I usually will also get chips and scoop it," he said, adding, "By getting extra everything, it allows me to stretch it into two meals. I get a bowl that's overflowing with food, and also, I don't get the pico [or] lettuce, so it reheats really well the next day," Scheck explained. "It's my ride or die," he joked. Clearly, he is a pro at making the most of his fast food order while stretching the dollar as far as it can go.

You can check out Jeremy Scheck's Credit Karma collaboration on his TikTok page, along with the rest of his recipes on his website. Visit CreditKarma.com to see how you can improve your financial situation in just a few clicks.