The Best Brand Of Barbecue Sauce, According To 48% Of People

From the deep flavors imparted slowly by a smoker to the backyard grill that friends and family gather around in the summer, barbecue is an important part of food culture for many people. Meat kissed by the flame of a grill is often perfected when it's slathered in barbecue sauce. While some Texas pitmasters might rebuke pouring sauce all over their prized brisket, others cannot resist the classic condiment.

According to Taste of Home, barbecue sauces can vary in style and taste in different regions of the country. From Memphis to Kansas City, no two sauces are the same. A classic red barbecue sauce is a combination of tomatoes and vinegar, other ingredients on the recipe list can add a unique kick: Consider a mayonnaise-based Alabama version or a mustard-forward South Carolina sauce. While the grocery store shelf may not always reflect that diversity, people do not randomly pick any bottle — a particular brand and its flavor bring fierce loyalty. In a poll conducted by Mashed, one particular sauce has won over tastebuds in a landslide.

The best barbecue sauce brand is a hands down winner

While that weekly grocery deal might entice people with big savings, a recent Mashed survey revealed that people are very passionate about their love of a particular barbecue sauce. Although it is unclear if an emergency bottle is hiding in a purse, it is clear that one brand is preferred over the others. According to our survey of 605 respondents, 48.60% of respondents picked Sweet Baby Ray's as the best barbecue sauce. The closest competitor, Jack Daniel's, was far behind at 15.37%. Rounding out the group were KC Masterpiece at 12.07%, Stubb's with 9.42% of votes, Kraft at 7.27%, Jones Bar-B-Que at 3.80%, and King's Hawaiian with only 3.47%.

While many people love that Sweet Baby Ray's flavor, the history behind the favorite barbecue sauce may be unexpected. According to the company's website, Chef Larry is a Chicago native who found great success at a 1985 rib competition. His flavors impressed everyone and continue to be a favorite to this day. Whatever is in that special sauce, it appears to be the bottle that more people have within reach.