Here's What Happened To Mango Mango After Shark Tank

Although plenty of food companies haven't landed a deal on "Shark Tank," many still go on to be successful businesses. One such business is Mango Mango, which appeared on "Shark Tank" back in 2013. Entrepreneurs Tanecia Willis, Lakesha Brown-Renfro, and Nzinga Teule-Hakima started their business while Brown-Renfro's husband was deployed overseas. Initially, they sold their mango preserves at local farmers' markets, but as the product gained popularity, the women needed help expanding the business.

At the time of their appearance on "Shark Tank," they had already accepted a space in several Whole Foods locations, making $100,000 in sales in 2012 alone. However, if Mango Mango was going to scale up, the trio needed help — both financial and advisory — and a "Shark Tank" investment seemed like the best way to go. With all that being said, where is this mango preserve product today, and how is the trio managing without the sharks' backing?

The sharks loved Mango Mango, but didn't bite

During their pitch to the "Shark Tank" investors, Tanecia Willis, Lakesha Brown-Renfro, and Nzinga Teule-Hakima asked for an investment of $75,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake. The sharks loved the taste of the mango preserves, with Robert Herjavek commenting that the shrimp seasoned with spices and Mango Mango was fantastic.

The trio demonstrated various uses for the preserves, including flavoring lemonade, spreading on baked goods, making homemade dips, sweetening vinaigrette, and creating unique sauces. Mango Mango uses only four ingredients – mango, sugar, vanilla, and lime juice – making it extremely versatile across all kinds of cuisines.

Unfortunately, none of the sharks offered Mango Mango a deal, and the trio ultimately left the tank empty-handed. However, Willis, Brown-Renfro, and Teule-Hakima had come too far to let "Shark Tank" be the end of the Mango Mango story, and they pushed forward with their business even without an investment.

Mango Mango experienced the Shark Tank effect

Whether or not a company lands a deal on "Shark Tank," they can still experience the show's effects. Such was the case for Mango Mango. The business reportedly received more than 15,000 orders within 48 hours of the episode airing, totaling more than 100,000 jars and nearly $300,000 in sales.

Per USA Today, the trio behind Mango Mango had to ask their friends and family for assistance in fulfilling orders, and even then, it took about six months for all 15,000 orders to be shipped out to customers. Some of their newfound revenue went toward a bistro, Mango Mangeaux, which they opened in 2016 in Hampton, Virginia. Mango Mangeaux offers brunch, catering, and even spaces for private events, in addition to providing more room for the production of mango preserves. And, of course, many of the bistro's menu items feature the Mango Mango that started it all.

Is Mango Mango still in business today?

As you've probably gathered, Mango Mango is still going strong in 2023. As of 2022, the business had brought in more than $1 million in sales, with no signs of slowing. The trio's bistro, Mango Mangeaux, makes more than $100,000 a month, per USA Today, and has 45 employees. Its food and staff are clearly much beloved by the community, with a Google rating of 4.3.

As for the original Mango Mango preserves, you can purchase through the Mango Mango website or through Amazon. A 16 oz. glass jar costs $19.99. However, it's worth noting that the preserves are currently sold out on Amazon. You can also purchase preserves at the bistro, should you be in the area. It's unclear where else exactly the preserves are sold, though they've been sold previously at several Whole Foods locations and various other specialty and gourmet stores. But regardless of where Mango Mango is sold, what matters is that customers are still buying it and using it in all sorts of dishes — from Thai mango sticky rice recipes to fresh mango salsa recipes.

What's next for Mango Mango preserves?

For the foreseeable future, it would seem that Tanecia Willis, Lakesha Brown-Renfro, and Nzinga Teule-Hakima will continue to produce Mango Mango preserves, as well as use the preserves to create new recipes. They have various events on their calendar for Mango Mangeaux, and regularly share recipe inspiration on their Facebook page.

In addition to running Mango Mango and Mango Mangeaux, the trio has also opened their own nail bar, pedi spa, and boutique hotel. Brown-Renfro was running the businesses full-time as of 2020, while Teule-Hakima was still balancing production of their mango preserves with her family practice, and Willis with her healthcare IT consulting. Clearly, the Mango Mango trio know what they want from life, and we fully believe they will continue to impress us. Who knows, maybe they'll even find a way to work the savory mango into their preserves line. In the meantime, though, we're perfectly happy to try their recipes for ourselves.