Fans Are Applauding Gordon Ramsay's Women's History Month Shout-Out

Despite a questionable track record of making comments about women, celebrity chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay has become somewhat of a feminist hero in recent years. Looking beyond the fact that he's clearly an equal opportunist when it comes to whom bears the wrath of his onscreen temper, Ramsay has made several efforts throughout his career to make a greater space for women in the culinary world. More than 11 of the winners of his acclaimed television show "Hell's Kitchen" have been women, and multiple of the women he's mentored, such as Clare Smyth, have gone on to become Michelin-starred chefs. On top of that, several of his highly successful restaurants have been headed by women, including Gordon Ramsay Steak and Hell's Kitchen in Las Vegas

So it seems fitting that in honor of International Women's Day, a holiday celebrating cultural and historic contributions from women around the world, the famed chef took to his Instagram to share a slideshow of notable women who have worked alongside him throughout the years. This included "Hell's Kitchen" Season 10 winner Chef Christina Wilson and Chef Michelle Tribble, who won Season 17 of the show. 

"We're stronger because of the incredible female talent found throughout our restaurants worldwide," Ramsay wrote in the caption. "Not only on #internationalwomensday but every day we celebrate and recognise the contributions you make to elevate our teams ! Thank you Gx"

Women are the backbone of many Ramsay restaurants

Even though food media has been making a greater an effort to highlight female chefs these days, it's hard to deny that many professional kitchens are still very much a boy's club. Per a 2020 Forbes article, despite women making up nearly half of all culinary students, fewer than 7% of all head chefs at major restaurants in the US are women. That number isn't much better in the UK — women make up only 17% of chef positions there (via BBC). And though it might not seem like a much on the surface, witnessing a chef as revered and respected as Ramsay acknowledge this effort can mean a lot for women in the culinary field. 

In any case, it seems the post has gone over well with Ramsay's followers, as the post racked up over 37,000 likes in less than a day. In the comments, some specifically praised the chef for taking the time to acknowledge the women who have contributed to the success of his own restaurants. "This is beautiful, Chef!!!" wrote one Brooklyn-based chef. "Lovely. Incredible Women. Team Christina," another user added. Another user echoed the sentiment expressed in Ramsay's caption, writing "Women are the true superheroes!"